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We decided to let our pup have one set of puppies before putting her “under the knife.” She came in with high honors in her attempt and had a total of seven puppies. Even though many will claim this as a lucky number, I think Poppy would probably disagree at feeding time. She produced a […]

My Backyard – this really is a nice place to live. The view rallies between a completely countrified setting that hollers of moonshine and the tang of barbeque. Other times it is so majestic it strikes me as unreal – painted somewhere between the hand of God and that of Michelangelo. In the winter I watch it while […]

I’ll just start talking and hope this all sorts and sifts itself into making some form of sense. Right now I’ll attempt to be creating a blog with one intention. Just to talk, about nature, and anything else that strikes my family’s fancy. Later down the road I’ll try to add or take away.. we will […]