Hi to Anyone Who Accidentally Tripped on this Page.


I’ll just start talking and hope this all sorts and sifts itself into making some form of sense. Right now I’ll attempt to be creating a blog with one intention. Just to talk, about nature, and anything else that strikes my family’s fancy. Later down the road I’ll try to add or take away.. we will see.

Anyway thanks for hanging.


2 Responses to “Hi to Anyone Who Accidentally Tripped on this Page.”

  1. 1 Gretchen

    Your very first entry wondered if anyone just happened to stumble upon this page. Well, as a matter of fact … I went to images.google.com to see if I could find out anything about Orient, Washington… in particular, the school. A scientist life-long-learner friend of mine is in the application process of requesting a placement with AmeriCorps in Orient. He’s spent a lot of time in Mongolia and told me that the location of Orient is perfect for him.. AWAY from the cities, etc. So, Google showed me your photos and away I went. What great pictures of the birds, etc. What sort of camera are you using? We need to get a digital camera to my art-student son this next week. Your shots are so great. Would you mind telling me what model you use and how the distance focus is? I’ve been wandering your pages and think they’re a good introduction to the town and area.
    I’m glad you’ve got the space! What a lovely life you must have!

  2. Hi Gretchen, You are exactly why I toss up the photos and such I really do think we are a hidden secret. (Oh and I’m glad you shared our secret.) Onto the camera – here is the page on the camera; It’s the Kodak z650 (zoom 10x with a varigon 38-380mm)


    It’s about half the $$ then when I bought it. 🙂 I personally LOVE this camera – I’m not sure if they sell it anymore but if they do I would recommend it for a middle range camera. (You can point and shoot as well as learn – slowly – thank God for me – how to work a DSLR.) The instruction book is really lousy however if your son wants tips, suggestions, etc.. feel free and email me. I’m at aullori@hotmail.com. For an art student it would be great. (Lenses can be added to it down the road – like the telephoto and the wide angle.)

    Meanwhile, I hope your friend joins us! By his comment he sounds just like one of us. The principle is Mrs. Holmes and she is very kind, please, let him know if he needs info then just email me. (They don’t have the best web page in the wild wild west – just the best students!)

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