Here’s to a Good Mutt!


We decided to let our pup have one set of puppies before putting her “under the knife.” She came in with high honors in her attempt and had a total of seven puppies. Even though many will claim this as a lucky number, I think Poppy would probably disagree at feeding time.

She produced a production line of whimpering fluffy things that have to be cleaned and washed daily. I did not show direct photos of the puppies face because to be honest the reader would recoil. A quick update? no eyes open, seem to hear sounds, and though I hate to use a cliché but a face only a mother could love. Well, a mother and my kids who cannot seem to get enough of picking them up, putting them down, and getting pooped on which causes their giggles to parade the room.

We found Poppy in a feed store box. It is funny, now that I have said that it seems that my tale finished. What else can you say? That she takes down a bird once in awhile but rarely eats it? That a huge chunk of our relationship is feeding her dog biscuits while she is sitting attentively and dragging burrs out of her coat? She is a true mutt; the kind where what they look like tells no tale of their breed.

I like mutts they are not lofty, they do not prance, and they have moments, unpredictable moments of being regal. When a robin flies over her head she stands like the loftiest of queens and then forgets this completely when she is slobbering and licking on the face of my oldest. You can get them to catch a Frisbee but could never to get them to jump through a hoop.

Here is our mutt and the seven mutts that followed her.








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