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I thought to start the whole commentary on rural living I’d comment on an article that the Smithsonian Magazine put out. The title was “Cowboys and Realtors.” I have more neighbors than most people. At Christmas the Andersons leave a package every year on our porch. Ken, who became named by the family “Cowboy Ken” […]

The picture above is Pepper. I spoke of her in the puppy update post her being best buddies with Patch.  When we first had the puppies I told the kids they could each keep one puppy. I made this decision for two reasons. First, we saw a mountain lion on the property one day. Before security systems […]

My hubby and I was reading through this web-page;  it’s all on phobias. I thought we’d talk about fear – silly fears, completely normal or reasonable fears, the where are they fears….. according to the website these are the real terms for real fears. Except of course the ones Joe and I created at […]

Here is the update on the fire from;  Wildlife area closed due to fire on Bisbee Mountain; fire fully contained Sep 13, 2006 05:41 PM PDT Near KETTLE FALLS, Wash. – The Bisbee Mountain Fire near Kettle Falls is fully contained as of Wednesday, but public access is closed to most of the […]

I have this niece and to explain our relationship is very easy and very complex. I adore her as a woman and as a young girl because I think fundamentally she is both. She had this baby and we celebrated his first birthday. He stopped by got his socks dirty on our deck, had this […]

We just can’t get rid of these mutts! Okay did I say we can’t or won’t? Semantics just semantics. I made flyer’s that we all “forgot” to use. They are quite stylish. I’d show them to you but you may call the number and ask for a puppy and then I would have to tell […]

Doing Fire Math


Didn’t they tell you in high school that “math is fun!”? Here’s a quick DNR update –  Bisbee Mountain  (Northeast, Washington DNR): 500 acres at 50 percent contained. This fire is five miles west of  Kettle Falls and is burning in timber. Torching, spotting and short crown runs were observed. Structures are threatened.”  You can find the […]

Bisbee Mountain


Everyone tells me that I spell mountain incorrectly – since that’s the case I’ll do all the readers a favor and use spell check today. (For some reason it really annoys a lot of people.) I may not be a mountain speller but I am a mountain lover. In the last few weeks my hubby […]

My Hubby


He is the most beautiful and patient and kind person I’ve ever met. To prove his patience here is a photo of him when I just kept taking snap shot and snap shot of him over and over. He never said a word all he did was this…. If that isn’t patience I don’t know […]