Doing Fire Math


Didn’t they tell you in high school that “math is fun!”?

Here’s a quick DNR update – 

Bisbee Mountain  (Northeast, Washington DNR): 500 acres at 50 percent contained. This fire is five miles west of 
Kettle Falls and is burning in timber. Torching, spotting and short crown runs were observed. Structures are threatened.” 

You can find the info at this link;

According to another site there are thirty structures threatened. That would sadly include ours. When they say thirty do they count the garage and the horse stable? Did they count our dog house? Or do they actually mean 30 homes – most likely the homes I would imagine. Ready for that fun they promised us in high school?

Let’s do the math; On day one the fire was a hot fast running blaze on 250 – 300 acres. Today it’s 500 acres and 50% contained. Well that would mean the fire is now about 250 acres. 500 divided in half = 250.  

Humm…… maybe it’s illogical however that would mean it’s not really contained much at all. They tossed the fire controls over to these other guys who didn’t have the fun stories to tell and who we don’t see much of and there isn’t much activity on the mountain at all. We’ll there is activity but that would be the very active growing fire over on the other side of the mountain.

“Transfer of command to a Washington IMT (Gormley) occurred on 9/11/06 at 0600. State Mob still in effect.”

I think state mob means state mobilization. No personal offense to this Gormley guy however his numbers are lame.Sounds like they contained the part that already burned itself out.

The day before yesterday the planes and workers had that baby down real good and it looked like it was over for all intent and purposes and all that was left for the new guys was a mop up project. However there was very little activity on the mountain at all yesterday, I made numerous comments on how quiet it was, thus by evening, even though the temperatures were a lot cooler and there was very little wind, we literally turned around and saw the same mess we saw on day one.

Okay well another photo for fun and entertainment puposes. It’s clear of smoke on the land today so I’ll toss in a cool picture of the airdrop planes – you recall the ones I mentioned yesterday – they were the guys who actually was tackling the fire not just eating donuts and watching it burn. So an airplane and a shot from our backyard looking at the mountain.  





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