Puppy Update… Bear and Patch


We just can’t get rid of these mutts!

Okay did I say we can’t or won’t? Semantics just semantics. I made flyer’s that we all “forgot” to use. They are quite stylish. I’d show them to you but you may call the number and ask for a puppy and then I would have to tell you – if you don’t drink with me on a regular basis that is – that the last puppy was given away today. O gee man I’m sorry.

Joe has started to call the local feed store to drop them off and then suddenly O no! A really pressing engagement suddenly pops up out of nowhere. We work fluidly together with this. He may say, “wow I forgot to clean my nails! I’ll have to do this later!” Or I might hit him with, “Have you cleaned your navel puff today yet? That’s really getting out of hand my love!” or, “Have you gotten to your afternoon nap? I’m sure that phone call can wait.” Of course it’s illogical to assume that we can keep eight dogs. Of course it is – don’t be silly!

They are just about the most fun I’ve ever had. You think back to that perfect little puppy that bites you while licking your cheek – that wakes you up at two am licking on your nose while your having a great dream. But dang it’s impossible to be mad – then multiply all those great feelings by eight.

Yeah we go through 50 lbs of Puppy Chow in three days, yeah my son is constantly on what hubby calls, “cigar patrol” and I’m going through Band-Aids so much I’m hit with an urge to buy stock. Because the nails on these little hummers are sharp!

Here is bear… he is nervous, high-strung and so damn fluffy we just don’t care. He cannot lick you without at least biting on your face twice.


Our mistake was naming them huh? I’d love your opinion on that….

Nevertheless, here is Patch. He is our hound dog. Mellow, relaxed, extremely soft when petting.


Today let’s just talk about these two – we’ll cover the others a page at a time.

Okay funny bear story – bear is so big and fluffy that he does not run down hills he rolls down them. He stops drops and rolls to conserve energy. This dog is a genius! A biting, nose-nipping, drooling genius!

Patch is the most mellow of the bunch however he has befriended the worst of the bunch. You really can’t say a good thing about the little beagle. Pepper is the best pal of Patch – he is one of those guys who get in trouble by default. You know almost every junior high school student is a default screw up in the very same way. We follow that bad dog down the road and find mr. policeman at the front door. Patch is a brilliant dog but really he needs new friends. In one of my and Patches most intimate moments I gave him the “if your friend jumped off a bridge..” lecture but so far he isn’t taking my advice. Damn dogs.

I simply think of giving them away and my mind goes into this gray zone and suddenly I cannot think. All that crosses my mind is cuddles, licks, that total faith look they give you when you pet their belly. Hell what more can you ask for in life? Heck we have 20 acres and an unused horse stable and puppy chow really is cheap. Aww hell we have enough room for seven puppies! Of course we do – don’t be silly!


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