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Local Deer


  The first and second shot was taken in a farmers Field. So far, I know the above is a whitetail doe. However, I’m not sure what the species is below. You can kind of tell by the ears and such that it looks like a whitetail. The tail tho has black in it. So […]

Happy Halloween


from Key-Key.

In light of Halloween I thought I’d introduce a ghost town to you. Boo! Orient Washington was named so because the town was originated by placer miners who just happened to be Oriental.   My Children go to this town to attend a little school house. It is (according to some) the oldest operating school house in Washington […]

We have this little creek on the northern side of our property. Which seems to create a perfect environment for many kinds of squirrels. I like the creek it’s unassuming. Mary and I went down there this weekend and a squirrel started to chatter at us. It seems as if these little guys have the […]

Justin’s Page


   Hi All, For those of you who want to spend a little time looking at Justin’s Blog you’ll want to go to the link to your right. He asked me to put in a disclaimer. For those of you who think he is sporting a halo and glittering wings – you may not want to eliminate […]

just a couple recent photos….. I realize there is much to be done; dog updates, hunting tips, etc… and I promise to get to all of that however, at the moment I wanted to share some photos. I just got a new camera …  a Kodak Z650. I’m no professional. However, I am picky about what […]

I think men like hunting for one simple reason, the same reason I’ve come to love it. We like it a lot better than shopping. The truth? If it was socially acceptable and legal to cut roses from the ladies yard next store no woman would get another dozen reds with Safeway wrapping on it. Police (mostly ran […]

I adore history so I research it all the time. Living in this part of the world it is pretty rare to fall onto a historical piece. Most of the Indian’s markings are long gone because they always used natural resources, animal skin, logs, etc… so time takes away all the markings. There is nothing like Eqyptian stone […]