A Little Bit of History….


I adore history so I research it all the time. Living in this part of the world it is pretty rare to fall onto a historical piece. Most of the Indian’s markings are long gone because they always used natural resources, animal skin, logs, etc… so time takes away all the markings. There is nothing like Eqyptian stone blocks to remind us of our past.

However, while wandering up on the mountain we ran into a couple of cabins. Originally we had thought that these existed because of cattle grazing. We were told by a local that for years the cattle were let up on the mountain to graze.

We ran into three cabins on top of the mountain. One was tucked deeply in over grown trees and bushes. This little cabin we wandered in was about ten feet by eight feet. A simple design with a long shelf across the back wall. I’m assuming it was a storage house perhaps to store meat and food. The best shots that provided a decent contrast was done last winter. It sits next to a larger cabin that had two rooms at one time. This one however seemed more like a storage room of a sort.


I guess I assumed that these cabins were built by some settlers. Until I ran into this historical photo of the Colville Indians. It was taken in 1908 by Frank Palmer. The square logs seemed to look a lot more like the cabins we saw on the mountain. Here is that photo.


The cabin actually exists on privet property however it was facinating to tresspass in order to view it. The design and structure was impressive. I doubt that it will last another ten years however I was lucky to catch a glimpse of it now.

I’m still unsure at who built it. The design however, seems fairly given to the Colville Indians. Which is not really that surprising, this area used to be their land but it was bought by the government for less than a dollar an acre. Much of that money was lost in a lawsuit made by the Colville Indians to try to make the government pay them for the land they bought. Sadly this area speaks volumes about the unfair treatment the Indians had to suffer at the hands of the government. This comment is just one brief mention and by no means speaks of all the misdeeds.

I am however grateful they took such good care of the area.


2 Responses to “A Little Bit of History….”

  1. Hi, I was tag surfing and saw this post. Wow, it sounds beautiful and fascinating. I grew up in rural W.Va. and I always loved abandoned houses, always wanted to go in and explore. Which, being a kid, I wasn’t actually allowed to do – something silly about danger, falling through the floor boards, catching diptheria from spores in the dust…whatever!

  2. Hi Eujenia, it was facinating and I felt lucky. Not only because of the comments you mentioned but also because of my ignorance – learning it was the indians instead of the cowboys who fasioned it was eye opening. They left so few clues of living here. (To my admiration.) If you ever wander in this direction I’ll point you in the right direction and you can explore all you like. ps. you can tell your parents if you want that we all walked away unscathed. 🙂

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