a pause for the cause….


just a couple recent photos…..

I realize there is much to be done; dog updates, hunting tips, etc… and I promise to get to all of that however, at the moment I wanted to share some photos. I just got a new camera …  a Kodak Z650. I’m no professional. However, I am picky about what I see. With my original camera I would shoot and shoot and erase and erase until I got the photo I liked. It was still a great camera. Hint tho; this one is much better. I’d go on because this is one of my favorite topics really but I also realize I could bore people to death with both photography and quilting.  So I’ll just post photos – my two favorite from yesterday.

Patches as of today…..


 Nick (my son) and Key-Key.


sometimes your lucky and just hit a moment. I loved how the ear of Key-Key sat comfortably in Nick’s eye.

peace, Lori


3 Responses to “a pause for the cause….”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. These pictures are adorable!

  2. Thanks Catie – your cow story was amazingly funny and I loved it. thanks for visiting here.


  3. Thanks for you kind visits to my blog. You can write really well. Please continue writing.

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