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Hi All,

For those of you who want to spend a little time looking at Justin’s Blog you’ll want to go to the link to your right. He asked me to put in a disclaimer. For those of you who think he is sporting a halo and glittering wings – you may not want to eliminate that particular image and thus ignore his page. However, for those of you who recall the reality of your high school years you may have a bit of fun here. Justin is my nephew and has a good amount of personal interest in playing the guitar and making really funny jokes. Not necessarily in that particular order – often he’ll make hilarious witticisms and then play his guitar. Depending upon his mood.

If you’d like the link is to your right on this page.

p.s. my favorite line made by Justin….. Not to brag really but he is the funniest person who currently walks the planet. And this is only because Groucho Marx passed away in 1977.

He was cohorting evily with the kiddos and said to Nick, “Hey we need to design a plan and the name of the plan is “Stan, Stan the garbage man.”

“Women should be obscene and not heard” ~ Groucho Marx


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