Katy Creek a Rodents Haven


We have this little creek on the northern side of our property. Which seems to create a perfect environment for many kinds of squirrels.

I like the creek it’s unassuming.

Mary and I went down there this weekend and a squirrel started to chatter at us. It seems as if these little guys have the bravery of a thousand soldiers. They remind me of that old guy in every neighborhood that yells at you nonstop about staying off his grass. You know the guy – the one who ends every complaint with “damn kids.” Squirrels are the rodent version of these kinds of fellas. The funniest thing about these guys is they often make so much noise in bushes that you’d think a bear was walking straight at you.

My sister told me a story of how her and her boyfriend went camping once and her boyfriend was so noisy, verbally and with his boom box, that he angered a squirrel. The squirrel spent the evening bouncing his storage of nuts off of her boyfriends head all night long.

Quick note here from Wikipedia on squirrels; “they have even brought down the NASDAQ exchange twice. A squirrel knocked out the power in 1994, and the NASDAQ system failed to roll over to its battery backup, causing an interruption in trading of one half hour. In 1987, a squirrel entered a transformer and caused a power surge, halting trading for 82 minutes.”

Guess it’s a good thing our powerline isn’t over on that side of the creek.

A shot by Katy Creek & the little rodent I spied…



It’s not the best shot in the world – I’m still learning my camera (it has an auto focus feature) but in the background you can see the little guy who bawled me and Mary out while we went down to the creek. When I get a better shot of him I’ll erase these and put up new ones.


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