Local Deer



The first and second shot was taken in a farmers Field. So far, I know the above is a whitetail doe.

However, I’m not sure what the species is below. You can kind of tell by the ears and such that it looks like a whitetail. The tail tho has black in it. So if anyone out there can enlighten me that would be great. The whitetails right now have those cinnamon coats that you see in the above shot however, the deer below have a gray coat this time of the year.


Here is a small (I think yearling) Mule Deer.  You can usually distinguish these guys by the ears. I got a few shots while they climbed up the mountain. In these parts they they have a funny tail. It looks thin like the tail of a short haired puppy with a little black fuzzy end.




7 Responses to “Local Deer”

  1. 1 naturalhigh

    Nothing takes my breathe away better than encountering a wild animal and making eye contact. You photos are gorgeous, and call to mind many of my own magical moments of meeting wild deer. I love the combination of wisdom and trepidation that I sense behind those large eyes.

  2. Such wonderful photos of these deer! Such a wonderful blog you have here!

  3. Well thank you to both Natural and Mon. I appreciate your comments (and compliments as well.)

    I feel very blessed that on a daily basis I’m surrounded by such beauty that I guess I myself get a natural high from it all. 🙂

    The little Mule deer – he was just as curious as I was which meant I was pretty lucky. Not one of them (and there were about five together) ran when we drove up with the jeep. Again blind luck and huge blessings.

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. 4 Stefan Söderlund

    nice pictures. I`d like to be there but it is not that simple `cause I live in Finland so I have to look at these photos every time I feel for it. By the way, I have relatives in Kettle Falls and one of them by the name Ed White, I think he`s dead now, hes family….I cant find them, so if anybody reading this knows something…..please, contact: stefan_snickare@yahoo.com thank you!!!!

  5. thanks stefan – I’ll look him up in the phone book and if there is a number I’ll send it to you.

  6. Fantastic views, care to swop rainy UK ?

  7. :o) Graham, I’d easily be talked into it for a week or two! Do they have an adult exchange student programs?

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