My Embarrasing Love for Bingo….



Bingo as a little puppy.

There is two things about the Bingo song I hated when I was a kid. First, every first grade teacher made you sing it over and over – and it was mind numbingly implanted in my psyche.  Thus, it if ever offered to my conscious state – even over 32 years later – it actually starts to play in the back of my mind …..over and over and over again. And secondly this makes me want to attack with bloody vengeance small bunnies, children and everything considered little and nice in the world. It’s not personal it’s just overwhelming.

So of course my daughter Kirsten named one of the puppies Bingo. I was big for the name Spot. But Bingo he became.

Bingo ended up being our scavenger mutt with the softest fur that exists in the world. Bingo is a serious lunk-head because every-time you call his name he gives you one of those puppy questioning looks.

The amazing quality to Bingo that overwhelms all abilities is he can sniff out, scavenge and obtain anything that is completely disgusting.

The other night we let our puppies in the house. I was snuggling with the lot of them and noticed that Bingo was absent from the room.

I said, “where is my Bingo?” and then said, “Bingo?” in that sing-songy way that only a smitten masters, a master deeply in love with a fur ball, or as only this master would say.

I got no response and then offered another refreshing and new concept to the deal by singing, “Bingo? Where is my wittle buddie????”  

He ran into the room, jumped up on my lap and I began to stroke his completely addictingly soft fur. Meanwhile, he lifted his head up to my mouth and gave me a nice long lick on my lips.

To which I replied with disgust “Hey! Bingo!” I felt I had been betrayed but not with any malice whatsoever, he looked at me sweetly and then licked me again. Since I had my mouth open from mouthing the original words, I really tasted that next lick.

I said to my hubby in confusion, “What has Bingo been into he tastes just like sh*t!”

My love for him however, my love, my denial, whatever it may have been caused me to not throw him down in total abandonment. Instead I continued to hold him and asked him once again, “what have you been into little buddy?”

As if he would answer me and tell me the truth I continued to ask, while he kissed my cheek and sought out my mouth with his muzzle and tongue.

Eventually I dropped him to investigate. Again I learn the all important lesson of trusting my instincts or in this case perhaps my taste-buds. Because lo and behold one of the puppies had a bad case of dysentery right at our front of the door. All evidence implored upon me that Bingo had partaken of the unholy sacrament.

I have no doubt that Bingo felt strongly he was sharing with me. He’s a giver, Bingo is. I suppose it did not occur to him that I do not enjoy with such puppy happiness the remnant of another dogs hind end. 

I’m convinced that since what causes him to fall into the abyss of joy is all things disgusting he was merely attempting to bring me that abandoned joy as well.

I however, didn’t find myself taking to the another puppy’s poop with the same joyous attitude that Bingo does. Sometimes puppies love their masters too much. 

Trust me – I’m not complaining. I’m just brushing my teeth quite a bit these days. 


Bingo today.


6 Responses to “My Embarrasing Love for Bingo….”

  1. 1 naturalhigh

    Bingo is poster boy cute! But his culinary habits are definately unrefined!

  2. ahhh so true. Part of the reason I wrote this natural is because I’ve found that my adoration for these pups just keeps growing. I just can’t figure out why it is that a bunch of mutts somehow captured my heart to the point where I clearly resemble an idiot. ahh… and just when I start to think of myself as a rational human being life just laughs at me.

  3. Very innocent cute bingo. I am afraid of big dogs but love to play with little champs. It a nice post

  4. thank you jugnoo. I’m proud of the guy and love him deeply. I understand being afraid of dogs… Bingo started a fight today with one six times his size. Darn it! However, these little pups have become the light of my life. Today because the weather had fallen to 0 degrees we actually built a nice fire for them to keep them warm. I’m smitten!

  5. Hey whats wrong, why are you not writing anything new. You have potential to write really good. So come on
    have a good day

  6. sorry jugnoo – i’ve had odd circumstances. hubby is now in the hospital.. getting washed out by a wave on the pacific coast… i really do apologize for the delay. I wish I had pictures of that moment in time where I was strugging for my life against the ocean. Hey, the good news is tho I’m bruised up I won… God was obviously taking care of me. I’ll write this week – hubby does not like me to visit much. It must be the cute nurses. 🙂

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