This is our newest hobby. If your interested then the above website is a good place to begin. It’s not intended to violate all hunting and fishing activities however, this time of the year they lower the Columbia River down and in order to actually fish you have to walk a long way to the river. Hunting season is long over – So we wait … and wait … and while we are waiting Joe picked up a GPS device so we could find all the cool back-roads to find new stuff to look at and then we ran into this new hobby.

Geocaching is simple really. Some guy or gal hides a container – could be Tupperware – could be an old ammo can – and inside of it is a log book with various trade items. The trade items range quite a bit; from key-chains, to poker chips, to toy cars, and in our case we are leaving scrabble tiles. Then they upload the coordinates on-line and so people who get bored waiting for the good fishing can hike in and violate these treasures. It is hiking with a purpose. If you dig into this game and your in the area I highly recommend the one called “Roy” (found on the above website) it will amaze you. I’ve hiked these forests for a couple of years and missed all these cool things under the brambles of a bush, behind a mess of rocks and tucked deep in the forest. Amazing.

Over here we have these ingenious guys by the mysterious names of Halffast & Super Bear. They developed this really neat cabin geo-game. We upload photos of us looking but never of the actual find. Here is an example of one of the cabins we found. They called it the floating cabin.

cabin f

I’ll have to toss you out one more photo before I go. This spring break Justin and Josh came over to geohunt with us. We seemed to knock out an average of about three a day. At one cabin hunt we ran into just a huge pile of fur obviously eaten by a wild animal the fur was that of a moose. The guys looked inside of it trying to find any trace of bones and found not a single one. Here is a photo of them digging through the pile.

justin and josh

Okay digging in the pile of moose fur and acting a tad bit on the goofy side. These guys are really a blast!

Anyway if your a big nature lover, like to hike and like a good treasure hunt this game is for you – check into it. We’ve been playing it for about a month and having a grand time of it.

As a side note we keep running into moose scat, prints and fur – it’s been years since I actually saw a moose so I’m looking forward to it. The last time I saw one it was a mother with twins. It always is their size that takes my breath away.


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