just a couple of photos…


First, Bear our biggest dog. Bear is a grand pup. He really likes to spook the UPS lady and scare her witless. {Hey, everyone needs a hobby right?} She’s a good sport and keeps coming even on days it seems impossible to get up our driveway. I was telling Justin and Josh that oftentimes in order to win the heart of Bear you need a good solid hug from the occupants of the home owners. I giggled when my sister did not believe me and I grabbed her hugged her and looked at Bear. I said, “Bear she is our friend – we love her.” He went from crazy hair raising barking to kissing her hand. He spent the week by her side, giving up his paw in the hopes that she would give him a snack. I took this shot because when you see Bear he looks big, he looks formidable, and a little scary but underneath all that fuzzy hair he is one huge love hound that adores attention, enjoys a good puppy treat and a snuggle. So I tried to get him softer – the way he feels. And this is how he feels.


Second, Canadian Geese – they mate for life. I wish I could get a better photo. The day we saw them on the lake Bear was doing everything he could think of to get at them. He’s a bird dog – we find an addition (usually an American Robin) dead on the porch each day. I keep thinking I could save on dog food if I get a good food processor and just toss that in with the chicken pedigree food we mix with his dog chow. These dead birds each day seems such a waste but he does not eat them he just offers them up for breakfast each morning. I appreciate the effort but why not hunt wild pig instead big bear?


Third, just an hour before sunrise.  


Next post will actually be about snow. I know I’m doing that foreshadowing, and back-shadowing, and etc.. however, I want you to see what we see in the middle of winter here. The world falls silent, the wind gets bitter and we just dig in read novels, quilt and just get to know one another. I spend the winter tucked in tight and fall in love with my hubby, son and daughters all over again. Funny, I love guests except in winter. I like the winter to belong to us. Bring on all those who want to wander in – in the summer and spring. We’ll have the steaks on the grill and the beer every ready. But give me winter to fall in love with my family all over again. Me and the girls can discuss the importance of a diary. I spend days in the sack with hubby doing nothing but giggling and talking about dreams. I can work for hours on homework with my son without ever feeling put out. It is a lovely time to get to know my pups, and those who surround me everyday. There are no distractions. And thus, winter is my favorite season.

Here is a pre-winter shot. I say so because this thawed off in two days and then the real winter came.  I’ll show you winter here in the next post.



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