A blog worth considering.




This guy writes about a thousand times better than I. you bored? check out his story on fly fishing fishing its worth consideration.


3 Responses to “A blog worth considering.”

  1. 1 montucky

    Thank you, aullori. I’m very flattered. I love the picture of the raindrop! How many times have I seen that!


  2. Oh my pleasure Terry – I spent the afternoon down by the creek taking photographs and watching the pups play. It began to rain and so I started shooting. This was the end of the quick shower so the drops were not as heavy as I would have liked but as I’m sure you know – nature is here for our pleasure and not at our command. (And I’m grateful for that.) Then I came back – dried off me and my muddy pups and there was your poem on clouds. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. 3 Haroon

    Inspiring and stimulating,
    Reminds me of rainy days when life used to be careless

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