a few winter shots


Usually in winter we tie the big bobsled we have to the back of the jeep and drive the kids around. The bottom is so tore up after this year that we probably have to go and get a new one. This year there was a decent amount of snow that just melted off about a month ago. It still freezes each morning. Here are a few winter shots.


This is half way up on the mountain – and below deer tracks up there as well.



….no comments here only that I love my cold and silent beautiful world. In the next one I’ll discuss spring. (I’m late I know..) but hopefully your a patient audience.

Sadly – Justin and Josh came up to bobsled on the back of the jeep and Joe got sick and had to go to the hospital. I also lost my camera in a really large wave in the ocean… thus, we not only could not get shots but we would have missed them had they come.

So next winter.


4 Responses to “a few winter shots”

  1. 1 montucky

    Beautiful winter pictures! The third one looks so much like a canyon just a few miles from where I live (where we get our Christmas tree every year).

    I used to pull our kids on sleds or skiis tied to the back of our Jeep too. I guess it’s a northwest thing.

    Incidentally, on your post (I think it was “Local Deer”), you had one you were wondering about. Maybe this link will help:

  2. Our Jeep is a beast. Thanks for the article I read through the whole thing. The first time I saw one of these deer they were running with a group of Mule deer – and I was stunned. He was about seven feet away from the jeep – probably my best shot I was ever capable however, I was so stunned I didn’t grab my camera – my hubby stalled the beast of the jeep we own and we just stared in silence. The facts were so helpful. The one in the photo actually was offset from a group of whitetails. Who knew? I spent the whole night doing online research looking for info and ran into none. I did however, run into a group of online hunters with the same confusion as I. 🙂 heck, I still don’t know what to tell them.

    ps. never tried ski’s dang you got some brave kids.

  3. Wow! Very nice site. I love the winter pictures. Keep up the great work on this site!!!
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  4. I’m glad you like it JC – I’m checking out your site as well. Over in these parts we have rattlers but heck, they’re so shy you never get to see them much. (A sharp ear can pick them out tho.) Thanks for stopping by.

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