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…..on some days it don’t seem like much. I have loads of birds I’m having a hard time figuring out the species oh yeah, and wildflowers… So today I’m going to a misc. post on what I do know. (Maybe this will actually cause me to break this barrier on not being able to identify […]

today’s hike


Okay today we took two of the kids and our pups on top of the mountain for a hike. One of my kiddos (Kirsten) is actually camping with pals. It is the (according to the mom slash organizer) “The Fourth Annual Koolaid Campout.”  The way it was described to me however most likely that title should all be […]

Okay I’m thinking this has moved into an obsession. (OCD perhaps?) Which does not surprise me because last spring I think I gained about ten pounds just watching these guys fight – because it was hard to leave my porch to take a hike. There is something so brutish and interesting watching these guys fight for […]

As you know I am madly in love with the mountain. My hubby and I hike it often especially when we just want to clear our heads. We use the pups as an excuse. “I guess it’s time to take the pups for a run.” This is our intimate talk that means one or both of […]

Just a quick hummingbird update. I’ve been working on identifying hummingbirds but there is a trick with this particular bird. First, they are the most likely of all birds to combine species. This of course means that most of them are only truly identified by an ornithologist – and usually by the inside of their wings and the […]

okay, okay just when I thought I had given up… I’ve decided to add more wildflowers. Actually truth be told I was able to successfully name a few of them that I have in my collection. I took this group down by the creek this morning. I was a little surprised  – I thought there […]

Okay, Okay I probably broke some social rule by wishing myself a happy birthday however, I can create my own blog birthday card because I am an eccentric old lady, and dang proud of it. May is cake month. My mom’s birthday is May 3rd. My son’s birthday is the 15th, mine is the 14th, two mom […]

Let me start here; I wandered around and found a lot of wildflowers – really a couple that I don’t know what the species are and so I’ll look later before I post them. However there was one that I instantly knew – well, anyway I knew where to start looking! (Brodiaea douglasii) I still don’t really […]

(Turdus migratorius) This is probably the most recognised bird in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll at least by my mother who can fill you in on every color of a lilac bush and can point out a robin at 200 yards. Because her birthday is in May she was a big fan of celebrating May Day […]

Red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)     All the good guys meet at the bird feeder. The siskin’s has spent a lot less time at the feeders. This is in line with what I read – how during breeding they tend to look for the closest easiest food (I’m assuming because they are busy) and then […]