Much Closer to a Journal Write….


Today I’ll see how things would play out if I were to whip back in time to twelve years old and do something like a journal write. (My journals consisted of a wire ring notebooks with a lot of warnings on the front of it.)

Okay Photo Journal Write;

This is what I did yesterday – Joe, the pups and I went on the boat and hit the river today. As we were loading up the boat it began to hail and the pups ran in every possible direction. Well, except of course, not one of them ran in my direction. Here is Pepper after a good lecture on listening to me and after being stuck in the hail shower. If your observant you’ll notice the mud on her neck. No scoobies for this little girl tonight!


No wait! There’s more.


This is, I believe, a mature white crowned sparrow. They hang at my feeders along side of the siskins. I’ve noticed these guys are pretty easy to identify. They have a zebra like crown on their head from the front is unmistakable, along with the bland gray chest.

And here is the first rufous hummingbird. Previous to this it was all calliope hummingbirds – but the rufous who are very aggressive chased them off. I can tell when a rufous shows up because he usually takes over all the feeders and even acts aggressive to song birds and my daughter Sami. (Last year she actually got poked in the back by one of these guys and I’ll take her word for it but she said it actually hurt a little.)  It is tricky for me to get a decent shot of a hummer. I have to focus the camera first and then hope that the little guys will hit the right feeder. I’m sure there’s an easier way I just haven’t stumbled upon it.



For more information on the birds you can hit these websites (these guys are a lot smarter than me);

On the white crowned sparrow –

And on the rufous –

Last thought of the morn… Bear found some little deer antlers that fell off naturally and he was very proud of his find. I thought I’d share a photo of him chewing up on them. (The antlers fascinate me and it surprised me that he brought home both.) I think that’s how you know the difference between a town pup and a country pup. The country pup chews on any antlers that he finds in the forest while the town pup chew whatever pork chop bone that the master throws at them.


Okay off to fishing – man, I live for spring!


2 Responses to “Much Closer to a Journal Write….”

  1. 1 montucky

    Now you’ve made me envious by going fishing. The season doesn’t start here for two more weeks.

    Those are great shots of the hummers! I haven’t tried to photograph them yet, but sure do enjoy watching them. My wife named a couple of them last year and we think we recognize one of them back this year. They feed, then dart out to a lilac tree where I know they nested last year. We’re hoping.

    I also like the sparrow picture. You know, I had never seen a white-crowned sparrow until last week when we stopped at the local ranger station, and there was a flock of them in the trees there. They’re really pretty birds!

    I hope Pepper is back in your good graces again.

  2. 2 aullori

    My kiddos named one as well – they called him “Dish” and he was a rufous. (Naming them is logical to distinguish them.) Nick insists that it’s the same guy in the photos on this web page as the guy he named Dish. (Makes sense for a rufous he actually is a small guy and with a life span of almost fifteen years it’s very likely they show up at the same places.)

    The white crowned guy surprised me because I never noticed how pretty they were until I took the shots. (Rumor has it we have our own version of this guy the eastern version of the sparrow has less white on his back – the eastern brother isn’t quite as showy as our species.)

    O’ Pepper is good. It’s impossible for me to stay mad at a face like that for long.

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