the brave little calliope


……this hummingbird was pretty desperate to get to the feeder because the rufous was so aggressive all day long – 

.. he waited for dark and came in and didn’t care much that we were close and looking. Here are the shots that came from the little calliope.


{I’m so amazed at how tiny his feet are…}


{I promise you this guy below is the same hummingbird} And here he is finally taking a drink…


…if you watch closely the calliope has a bit of surprise – the purple little “gorget” actually pikes up.  (He isn’t doing it in this photo.) Let me show you an example from a past photo … (this is a daytime photo – look at his neck) for a small fry he’s pretty impressive.



5 Responses to “the brave little calliope”

  1. 1 montucky

    Wow, those are great shots! Now you’ve got me going again. I haven’t tried photographing at our feeder yet, but later I’ll give it a try. We’ve seen the same thing with the more aggressive species “ruling the roost”.

    We have several who rotate from the feeder to an old lilac tree up by the garage about 40 feet away. There was a nest in it the last several years.

  2. They are fun to photograph (but sometimes frustrating too) the good news is eventually I snag the shot. (patience grasshopper patience….) We’ll the good news is that isn’t the only method life uses to teach it to me.

  3. 3 montucky

    From the tiny to the huge…

    I seem to recall some time ago I posted a picture of an elk track and you made a comment something about the difference between elk and moose tracks. On my hike last week there were lots of moose tracks in the mud and I took a photo of one for you. It’s on Flickr at:

  4. I love that photo!!!! My gosh it’s huge, putting your shoe in the photo really helped me to get the size! Thank you! I hope other people who stop here actually look that photo over that is truly amazing!

  5. 5 MOM


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