He said; She said


Red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)  


All the good guys meet at the bird feeder. The siskin’s has spent a lot less time at the feeders. This is in line with what I read – how during breeding they tend to look for the closest easiest food (I’m assuming because they are busy) and then after the babies are hatched they wander off and start eating the food of choice; bugs. Once the siskins left the red-winged blackbirds came in. So I was stunned when what kind of looked like a siskin showed up except it was too large. I looked closer and sure enough this was the lady version redwinged blackbird.

The tail was the dead give away (and the size)… I now feel like I should have one of those little “now you know” rainbows over my head. (Unless of course it’s a juvenile then I guess a “now you don’t know” rainbow.) Now I’ve never seen that rainbow myself but I’d bet a copper penny it’s black.


p.s. the link is a good read – I like how they all travel in this huge group and fill up the skies – that must be a sight to behold. The other day about six of them flew past my deck while I was drinking coffee and I was hit with a happy spontaneous shock that I usually experince only a few times a year. It was really very nice.


3 Responses to “He said; She said”

  1. 1 montucky

    This is another bird I like a lot, especially its distinctive call. We have a few come to visit our feeder, but they prefer a marshy area to set up camp, and are seen around here wherever there are cat tails. When the light is just right, that red is brilliant, isn’t it?

  2. 2 montucky

    By the way, thanks again for your help identifying the Wild Hyacinth Brodiaea douglasii! I revised that post and added a close-up of it that I think you’ll like.

  3. I really would have been happier had I actually caught how cool the red is on their wings. I had put off posting this in the hope that I would have gotten a better shot. (But I’ll revise it once I do get that shot.) They decided to over-run our big pine tree next to the feeder. Nick (my son) fills the feeder everyday. (I agree about the calls they are odd arent they?)

    As for the identification thing – my son helps me – his eyes aren’t as old as mine. We both enjoy the challenge of it and it’s our time. There are a few on my hard-drive that were stumped on. Probably I’ll have to upload them anyway because your post taught me that showing them is probably more important than knowing their name. (Tho I don’t have anything as pretty as yours was.)

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