An American Robin (and visitors too)


(Turdus migratorius)

This is probably the most recognised bird in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll at least by my mother who can fill you in on every color of a lilac bush and can point out a robin at 200 yards. Because her birthday is in May she was a big fan of celebrating May Day each year. When I was a small child she would have me make a May Day Basket and leave it on my Aunt Dilly’s porch. This is a lost tradition I think we should bring back. What lady wouldn’t like flowers on her porch by an anonymous giver every year? (We could rid the may pole idea however that was always a bit silly.) Hopefully if you look at a few of the wildflowers in the links on the right (Montucky and Adam’s blog) it will encourage you to restart the tradition with all the ladies in your neighborhood.

Okay okay enough of my pontificating on May Day *sigh* of all things! Okay, back to the bird. Robins are very common in almost all of the United States however, this guy seemed a little uncommon. Oh he had all the correct colorings and was picking at all the right places however he took me by surprise in the last shot.

In this photo he obviously spotted me taking photos of him and I never thought I’d see a bird look annoyed but somehow he looked that way. I like that a robin with an attitude.

Okay just two more shots – while the pups were napping these two white tails came into the yard today. It was nice of them to come by because since we got the pups we’ve saw a reduction in population of the deer. The first one was coming up from the creek. Down at the bottom of the property is a fast running creek called Nancy Creek. The water comes down off one of the tallest mountains in our range Big White Mountian.  It’s called this for logical reasons the the snow never leaves – not even in august. I could not get another shot until they actually ran back down to the bank of the creek. They were spooked by something and in the end decided traveling the creek would be much safer.


2 Responses to “An American Robin (and visitors too)”

  1. 1 montucky

    Robins and white-tails. You don’t get any better visitors than that! Very nice pictures!

    I think Robins have distinct personalities. We have one in residence we call “White-sides”. He has a small patch of white showing under each wing (when his wings are folded). He has gotten quite used to us and hangs around the house every day.

    I noticed the white-tail bucks are sprouting antlers already. I saw one the other day with about 3 inches of velvet showing.

    I have to confess I had forgotten about May Day. When I was a kid that used to be a big day, where we would spend a whole day in the fields not too far from our house picking wild flowers, first for our mothers, then to put on the porches of a number of friends. I wonder how that got away from us? Makes much more sense to me than most of the commercialized occasions!

  2. I think this robin shows up a lot – I noticed him again while I was taking shots of the other birds today. I finally took a picture of him again because he again seemed annoyed at me for ignoring him.

    The shot of the buck was really far away. (especially when they were down by the creek) I uploaded the photo to flicker and when you make it into the larger size you can really see his fuzzy antlers. I think they look a little scrawny this year – that kind of worries me. These guys wintered hard.

    Honestly I think it was all your really fabulous wildflowers that made May day kind of itch on the back of my mind. I was disappointed that I missed it for the girls. In my family it was something me and my mom did. I really loved it.

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