just when you thought I’d give up…


okay, okay just when I thought I had given up… I’ve decided to add more wildflowers. Actually truth be told I was able to successfully name a few of them that I have in my collection. I took this group down by the creek this morning. I was a little surprised  – I thought there would be a lot more flowers down by the creek.

The pups ran out the backdoor all excited and was whining, dancing and barking down towards the creek. This was the only excuse I needed to take the one photo I had really been thinking about for a couple of weeks. You wouldn’t think something with the common name Skunk Weed would captivate me but when I first saw one starting to open I decided I had to go back. Today, I figured the pups being a bit pumped up was excuse enough.

A couple of interesting tidbits on this plant – It’s called; (Lysichiton americanum) and known as by a much nicer name of Swamp Lantern. The Canadian Indians used the leaves in the bottom of baskets and rumor has it in spring they are very popular with Grizzly Bears.

I’m pretty sure this is Silky Lupin (Lupinus sericeus) I never sound very convinced do I?

This little jewel was down by the creek with another one where the petals of the other was completely destroyed. I imagine it may have been the 60 miles an hour wind storm that flew through here a couple days ago. It’s amazing this guy made it through with petals that delicate. Columbian Virgin’s Bower (Clematis columbiana)

Stream Violet (Viola glabella) This is a very common low growth plant in the area. I find these fellows pretty much everywhere. They are impressive in the amount of color they splash near stream banks and how really bright green their foliage is.


4 Responses to “just when you thought I’d give up…”

  1. 1 montucky

    Very nice pictures! You’re getting really good at this!

    I know I’ve seen the Swamp Lantern somewhere before, but not this year. Maybe I’ll have to check out some of the creek areas more closely.

    The Lupine is very common here: we have lots of them on our hillside, but they haven’t bloomed yet this year. Your area seems to be quite a bit ahead of us. I just looked up a photo of one I took last year, and it is dated June 11.

    I’ll also have to look for the violet. I don’t remember seeing them around here. It sure is pretty! That’s a nice photo.

    The Clematis blossom looks just like the one I found. Is it a vine? They mist be closely related.

    I’m glad you posted these!

  2. Great photos! Swamp Lantern is a much nicer name than Yellow Skunk Cabbage, which is what I’ve heard it called 🙂

    I don’t blame you for not being sure of the lupine – I don’t usually even try to separate out lupine species. There are just so many of them, and they all look soooo similar. My comprehensive book of San Francisco-area wildflowers lists 22 different Lupine species, and that’s not counting sub-species – sheesh!

    Stream Violets are just lovely – I like how you captured both the flower and its characteristic heart-shaped leaves together!

  3. G’Morning Terry!

    One thing I ran into that was invaluable was a list of species in my county. (ferry) This list is so amazing because it helps me ferret out species really well. What a lucky find! Both the lantern and the violet was found just inches away from the creek (and up on the mountian I’ve found some lanterns in the creeks!)

    I’m pretty sure that either your clematis is the same as mine or very close in relation. I only took a photo of this guy because I admired his ability to withstand a wind storm. It was on a vine (which I read this species sometimes is but also sometimes isn’t) truth be told that even in this grouping I guess there is 15 differnt species. :o) I saw a few differnces myself – mostly size. This was a really tiny guy (the petals were about an inch long) and again it could be my imagianation and your great shots but yours seems much larger. This is where that chart came in so handy.

    Thanks for your really kind words – coming from you they really mean a lot!

  4. Hi Adam,

    Again thanks for you for the kind comments – According to that little cheat sheet we have 4 lupines here. God forbid, if I were to run into a completely unique species!

    I could not believe how happy I was with that little violet. He was the perfect subject – he never moved, he didn’t complain – why, had I a paint brush I could have made him sit for hours! Just teasing sincerely I learned a lot with that one little flower. Like move three inches if this spot isn’t working. Great concept! Why had I not thought of it before? I do however love a patient subject!

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