today’s hike


Okay today we took two of the kids and our pups on top of the mountain for a hike. One of my kiddos (Kirsten) is actually camping with pals. It is the (according to the mom slash organizer) “The Fourth Annual Koolaid Campout.”  The way it was described to me however most likely that title should all be in caps. So Joe, Sam, Nick and I went on a hike. I took the new lens to try it out and because the day was a touch gloomy and yep the photos ended up “okay” enough to make the blog. So here goes;

The elevation of this particular spot is probably about 3500 ft. (p.s. I didn’t cut off that tallest tree. As most people who’ve been high on a mountain before knows they just break off from the harsh winds. It really is a sight when you get to the top. It’s amazing how the trees adapt. I’ve always intended to in the future post some photos of that.)

Here’s Nick taking a break – this was our first stop.

This was the view – it’s a little interesting that Nick was finding so much fascination is a leaf but that’s how he kind of works out in the woods. It’s the small things that interest him. (I think maybe he gets that from me.)

I zoomed in just a bit – in the little crevice between the mountains – that bright spot – is actually a town. It’s Colville with a population of just about 5000 people with a square mile radius of about 2.5 miles. In summary it’s a small town with one movie theater and yep, like most small towns a walmart.

Then it rained …. and then it hailed …. so this was as far as we got up the mountian. Here is a raindrop to prove I’m not lying and that we didn’t wimp out. (It’s a killer hike pretty much a trail at a 75 degree angle – you know the kind – the kind that is just as hard going down as going up.)

Okay lastly, here is what that angle did to Patch.

I ran into a few wildflowers but we’ll leave the identification for another day. I’m thinking we need to dry off, eat and then sleep. (Patch has the right idea.)


2 Responses to “today’s hike”

  1. 1 montucky

    I know just what you mean about that trail! Looks like your new lens is working out. I really like the silhouettes of the trees and the shades of blue in the distance!

  2. Thanks! I bet you’ve been on a few of these types of trails yourself! I’m getting happier with the lens. It just took some playing to make it work. Oh by the way thanks for the heads up on the Grape Hyacinth! Now I might be able to post the little guy! :o)

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