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A few more species in the area of ferry county….. in no particular order of importance….. This is how the morning started so, as you can see, the day was an inspiration from the beginning. Yesterday was a good day again – we got a chance to hike with my nephew Justin. He decided to […]

Right now the state Walleye competition is going on so we pretty much avoid the river at this time. The Washington State Walleye tourney is pretty much a two guys in every boat trying to win a huge state sponsored cup. You’d think there would be a lot of fanfare but there isn’t. They came […]

I’ve kept up looking the flowers I got photos of and here they are…. Here is what I know about the harebell… they are featured in the fairytales of both Thumbelina, Rapunzel, and Shakespeare loved them enough to put them in his writings. To this day it’s rumored that a witch’s garden is not complete without them. This is […]

During spring I start picking flowers and putting them all over my house. This usually works well for me because I do indeed have a brown thumb so cut flowers work best for me. There are wonders out there – farmers, gardeners who I am deeply envious of and I am not one of them. […]

You’d think being an avid bird lover I’d venture to not bring into this world their arch enemy – however, I’m more a lover of nature and it never ceases to amaze me! For example, we got our cat, Key-key, around the time that we got our pups. Seven very rambunctious puppies seemed like the […]

a few photos


Every once in awhile when I’m taking photos I accidentally take a photo that I really like – for some reason (unknown even to me) the photo just captures my attention. Here are a few of them. I think the reason I like this one is it reminds me of children in a tree – […]

In the last few days I’ve been painting my house. I hate having to step away from the camera even for a bit of awhile. No matter how beautiful the view is outside my window –  but I guess I had to concern myself a bit on the inside. My hubby and I only managed the […]

Just a few thoughts on flowers. About a month ago I was watching Nova – I am a real nerdy PBS junkie. The show was titled, “The First Flower.” If I’m not hiking, fishing or just aimlessly wandering around I’m probably watching PBS. Dr. Yin says a lot about flowers that I tend to agree […]

Here are the wildflowers new to my yard. I expected some that didn’t show up and was surprised by a couple that I just didn’t expect. I suppose that just might be the neatest part of the hunting of these flowers. You never know what you might find. I wanted to start with this flower because it […]

….and making a few new ones. In an earlier post I spoke of the behavior of the pine siskin’s. I had read that when they are getting frisky, well the books, which may have a tad more class than I, said when they are “mating” they eat seeds. When the job of procreation is complete […]