Okay I finally saw a bear…


…and didn’t get a photo. I was way too surprised! So I’ll post what photos I do have. He was a little black bear – just about the size of a large pup. I really just saw his tush. I’m certain that was a commentary on doubting their existence.

For anyone who has every wandered through the woods I love that moment when you know your not alone. This is difficult to describe but everything falls silent. No birds sing, no frogs croak, there isn’t a cricket sounding off for miles. I’ve found that either you have in the woods with you a raptor bird (eagle, hawk, etc..) or there is a predator like a bear, coyote or a mountain lion. If you’ve given nature ample time to wake up – from your general invasion of it – and still no sounds, your probably not alone. My instincts go up on high gear and I can feel energy in the air. I noticed this does not happen with deer or moose – just predators. Hiking is all about trusting your instincts. I think most mistakes happen in the woods when people turn off this natural part of our human nature. Keep in tune and you’ll be fine.

This instinct is the only thing that made me aware when the little tree limb snapped and the backside of the bear showed itself. Otherwise I would have missed the little guy completely.  So I took pictures of wildflowers, while he made his escape .. in that silence that not even the really chatty squirrels encroached.

 Meanwhile, let me toss up a few wildflowers. This one I absolutely fell in love with;

Yellow Goatsbeard (Tragopogon dubius) This is such a common flower. It looks just a touch away from a dandelion, larger, but not by much, it does not insist upon a lot of space and is completely undertoned. There are so many things in nature that do not demand glory and somehow become glorious in this unassuming nature. (We homo sapiens could take a lesson here.)

And to give you an idea of the way the plant’s base is…

And then yarrow – this along with chamomile is a common plant. We have wild chamomile in the yard but I’m just awaiting it flowering. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is another natural herb.


and to add a splash of color; Threadleaf Phacelia (Phacelia linearis)


4 Responses to “Okay I finally saw a bear…”

  1. Hi, I love your photos. Very good resolution. What camera do you use?

  2. A Kodak Z650. Oh yeah and thank you.

  3. 3 montucky

    Beautiful photos, aullori! That Phacelia is a pretty little thing! I’ve not seen it around here. I even looked through some of my “unidentifieds” and couldn’t find it.

    You’re one bear ahead of me so far this year. That’s cool!

    I know exactly what you mean about knowing when you have company in the woods. The other day about 3 miles into the roadless area I knew I was being stalked (not in the “hunting” sense). Something was curious and checking me out and I was never able to see it. Probably a cat: I can usually smell a bear. It’s a great feeling though.

  4. Thanks! The Phacelia was a shock really a nice one. :o)

    I noticed it’s really common in roadless areas – when we wandered the trail up here in hoodoo canyon the very same thing happened with us. I’d bet a buck you ran into a cat – primarily because I think we also know in our gut what is around us. I don’t think roadless area’s even get much foot traffic – I love how the animals up there don’t seem as spooked as they do closer to towns. We once had a six point buck (western count) just watch us walk by and never run off or seem the least bit nervous.

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