a few photos


Every once in awhile when I’m taking photos I accidentally take a photo that I really like – for some reason (unknown even to me) the photo just captures my attention. Here are a few of them. I think the reason I like this one is it reminds me of children in a tree – the like guy in back is daring the first fellow somehow. But hey, maybe I’ve just been a mom too long. :o)

This guy also visited when mom came by – she was thrilled. I thought he had a really funky nose but could pose like a hollywood movie star.

I had posted a picture of the Threadleaf Phacelia – then I ran into a white one – so I thought I’d post a photo of both of them. They were growing just about a foot away from each other and I wondered why the variation in color?

And lastly, this could be named “World’s Bravest Douglas Squirrel!” or perhaps “My Pup’s New Hobby.” The pups had chased this fellow (or perhaps a her) up a tree so I could get this shot. Our pine is just about 150 ft. tall so they were not getting him and so he happily munched on pine nuts while he waited for them to go away. (I had to Photoshop this one a bit to take out the darkness.) Then once again he out smarted the pups. This morning the pups had cornered him in the jeep. He just went into the undercarriage of the jeep and chattered like crazy – out of reach but not out of earshot. This, of course, drove the puppies completely insane especially Pepper! I can let you know that they finally gave up and I’m assuming either he made a bed in the undercarriage of Joe’s jeep or he managed to wait out the pups. I’m sure there will be more on the antics of the pups and this guy down the road. For whatever crazy reason this guy has decided to make a home in a tree near our house and the pups can be damned in his opinion.


4 Responses to “a few photos”

  1. 1 montucky

    You’re right about the birds. The one in back is in control and the other looks like it’s going to take some kind of risk.

    It would be interesting to understand the color variation in one species of flower. I’m sure there’s a good reason.

    Your white-tail has that “why are you looking at me, I didn’t do anything” look, very similar to our apple thief.

    Squirrels weigh what, about 4 ounces? 3.9 ounces of that are attitude.

  2. I look at that first photo and hear in the back of my mind, “yeah well I double dog dare ya!”

    Your squirrel comment got me and Joe just laughing he said, “the man knows his squirrels!”

    We don’t have an apple tree over there I’m sure he was taking advantage of that clover that’s abounding about – I also noticed they really love chewing up the elderberry bushes. (But hey? isn’t that natural just pruning?)

  3. 3 Vega

    Hey, nice pictures…the squirrel looks as if it’s meditating..or as if it is summoning all it’s powers to attack someone. Have fun!

  4. Thanks for your happy thoughts Vega. I think if he was summoning some from of mental telepathy it was to cause horrific damage to the pups that were barking at the base of the tree. Crazy squirrel!

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