When Nature Creates its Bouquet


During spring I start picking flowers and putting them all over my house. This usually works well for me because I do indeed have a brown thumb so cut flowers work best for me. There are wonders out there – farmers, gardeners who I am deeply envious of and I am not one of them. I try to plant every year and fail, in a dismal sort of way, every single year. I can only seem to keep a plant alive for about two months beyond that somehow, someway I kill it. Make no mistake it is never murder only because I really lack intent.

I find that I have the means (allowing spider mites in my home, forgetting to water, over-watering, etc…) I often find I have the opportunity (plants given to me as gifts or sadly ones I buy myself..) however there is never any motive.

I like to think that I can arrange a decent flower vase – I was forced to learn because of my own personal limitations. There are rules and I learned them and followed them all. However, this year I ignored these rules and didn’t cut any flowers and left my vases dry. In early season when I revisited an idea by Erich Fromm and decided not too. He had discussed the idea of owning and how plucking a flower was brought on by a need to control. I didn’t decide this was correct necessarily however I did decide that if I didn’t “pluck” I would learn from this choice. And I’m always up for a lesson or two.

Instead I decided to watch natures arrangements and I have to say when I took a step back and looked I was mighty impressed.

This isn’t side stepping the intent of the pages – which is to learn my wildflowers and birds but this is to actually enhance it. So I started to photograph how nature merged its blossoms together and I was humbled. I had never been able to arrange a vase with such magnificence.

nature in june

Here is what I can tell you; the photo has these flowers, (yellow) goats beard, (red foliage in back) tall Oregon grape, red wheat, (white) desert pin cushion, and a fuzzy green plant was identified by Montucky {see comments below} as common mullein (Verbascum thapsus.)  Thank you. :o)


This one is simpler (blue) threadleaf fleabane, (green leaves) elderberry bush.


This one is harder – because I’ve never identified the yellow plant that covers my backyard – my guess it it’s a mustard plant. It’s got four petals and grows in clusters I’m assuming it’s invasive? (big question mark there) The white is once again desert pin cushion.




There is a golden flower in the photo is St. John’s Wort & the purple (blossom) is cow vetch. I wonder how the plants knew that yellow and purple are perfect complimentary colors.


A whole bouqet of threadleaf fleabane.

fennel bush

and yarrow….

I’ve had some really neat stuff in a jar and so far? Even the worst of these photos was not as good as my best. So I guess I can thank Mr. Fromme, I did learn something. What did I learn? I have this gut instinct that knowing, believing in and understanding my limitations brings me one step closer to what I am truly capable of.

I am not a gardener –  I write in fragments – I am not a wonder in the world of economics – or perfect – I am however me.

A quick dirty summary? Nature has once again out-classed me. With or without Mr. Fromm I seem to learn that paticular lesson everyday.


7 Responses to “When Nature Creates its Bouquet”

  1. 1 montucky

    You are so right about Nature’s arrangements. There’s no way to top them (or need to). That first arrangement is really beautiful (I think the fuzzy green might be mullein).

    You have so many pretty colors of fleabane there that I just don’t see around here.

    Vetch is really colorful and you’re right, it does go well with the yellows and oranges.

    I love all the combinations!

  2. Loved the photos on your blog.. and what amazing combinations and details – you have an eye for the arragements.. I am sure that I can learn more about flowers if I follow your posts!

  3. Hi Montucky, thanks for your comments. I think you might be right about the mullein part – hubby says that it’s what creates those huge wands that the kids sword fight in the fall with. They have a really great time with them.

    With the fleabane one is simply in the shadows and comes across as dark blue but in the light is purple. I could be id’ing wrong but the blossoms are just a bit smaller than the blanketflower. They are big here.

    Thanks for the kudos.

  4. I’m not so sure Raza if you’ll learn much about the flowers in your area (I’m sure you have your own unique and beautiful ones over there.) But thank your for the compliment. I appreciate your comment on arrangments in my opinion that’s God’s handiwork. I just take the photos.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more! I have myself always believed in the idea of not plucking flowers or plants, except extremely rarely, when maybe you are giving one as a sign to someone you love.
    But as far as plucking flowers to keep it inside my home is concerned, I never believe in doing that, and have persuaded my mom too in this regards.
    But it’s not because of the idea of a need to control. Much more simply, I just believe that outside is their place. And in fact, outside is our natural place too! So they are firstly better off decorating our real house, that of nature. The homes we live in are merely equivalent to rest houses!
    And then, I like to think of it as this, that why put to waste such a beautiful flower by plucking it and killing it in turn, when you can encapsulate its beauty infinitely with a photograph!

  6. Thanks Narziss! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your response on this issue. Honestly, I highly regard the opinions of others. (Unless they consider me a big jerk then maybe I consider it less so… :o) I am really glad you shared your opinion on this issue because I believe that truth is always reinforced by other avenues of thought. In other words, you may take a different path than I to find it – but we end up with the same idea in the end. To me this is the highest form of truth. Thanks for wading in!

  7. In fact I would want to thank you, because I too am on the same journey trying to unfold the mystery of life and uncover the hidden truths! And you have here provided me with another opportunity to look at things from different angles!

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