Random Photo toss up…


A few more species in the area of ferry county….. in no particular order of importance…..

morning shot

This is how the morning started so, as you can see, the day was an inspiration from the beginning.

Yesterday was a good day again – we got a chance to hike with my nephew Justin. He decided to come and hang a bit for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, we saw so much wildlife it was actually a little crazy. A woodpecker, the same black bear, a red squirrel, a nursing doe which I personally had never seen myself until now – she was just full of milk. We ran into ducks – mallards in a little pond that is right off our creek. That was the first vision in our evening hike. It was one of the days that I didn’t pull out my camera much and just enjoyed all the sights we were able to see. I only caught a photo of the red squirrel and it was primarily for id’ing purposes. This guy kept clicking, bawling us out and flicking his tail at me and Justin. The message I got was “get off my lawn!”

Here he is; (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)

Red Squirrel

Very early on I had caught sight of a bird – what it looked like flying was like pastel flags just randomly jumping about and I had no idea what I was looking at until the camera focused. This is what I caught; (Bombycilla cedrorum) or commonly known as the Cedar Waxwing. This was a surprise.

Cedar Waxwing

Right after the viewing of the waxwing Bear posed for me; (Canis lupus familiaris) ;o)


And by the very end of the day I caught sight of a wildflower I had not taken a photo of yet;

Pearly everlasting

Pearly everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea)

But as I said above I didn’t pull out the camera much instead by the end of the day. I was just enjoying the sights. Some photos I did get I decided to not post, like of the bear and the doe full of milk – I figured hey, would I want that photo up? umm… probably not.

So let me also toss up a photo of a bird I got quite awhile back but I had a hard time identifying him. Turns out it’s a Red-eyed Vireo or (Vireo olivaceus.) He caught my attention because he had one of the most amazing calls I’d ever heard however, in terms of yellow birds about his size the birding book is just chock full of these guys. It took a photo blow up of his head to pick out which one he happened to be.

red-eyed vireo


15 Responses to “Random Photo toss up…”

  1. 1 montucky

    You’re right, that was one good day! Great photos! The one of Bear is a classic! I just love it when a day goes like that!

  2. WOW! There’s no other word to describe this…

    I just loved the first pic…

  3. Hi Montucky – I liked the one of Bear myself, he cleans up good, and with a first year pup you know it’s a good day when you can get a shot when he isn’t covered in horse manure! :o)

  4. Hi Narziss, thanks – that was an amazingly lucky shot (like all the scenic stuff around here) there are a lot of really beautiful places in the world. I just happen to be lucky enough to live right on top of one of those.

  5. I particularly like the sunrise shot and your cute pup! Nice waxwing too – they’re not the easiest birds to photograph!

  6. Thanks for your comments Adam – and your right the waxwing proved to be a bit tricky. p.s. I’d tell Bear what you said but as you can see he already has a big head. 🙂

  7. 7 fairycross

    I love your wildlife posts! The shot of the red squirrel is lovely. The red squirrel is extinct in most parts of the UK now. I think they are still in areas of Scotland. I remember seeing one about 20 years ago here in Cornwall and I havn`t seen one here since. We have many grey squirrels and they are aggressive little bleeders as well! 🙂 They chatter to you if you are below their tree and they will throw things at you sometimes! lol

    Yes bees are fascinating aren`t they? We take part in an annual show called The Royal Cornwall Show every year and there is a Bee tent there. They have a working honey comb under glass so you can see the bees working away and you can buy some lovely honey, bees wax candles and honey hand creams, etc. Lovely it is! 😀

  8. I adore gray squirrels! The ones over here build big nests in trees (in the fall I’ll try to get a shot of one) and the park rangers take the kids on hike, hoist up a tree and pull down the nest full of all the stored up food that the squirrel has literally “squirreled away.” Then the kids takes some of the seeds, nuts etc and go home and plant them – meanwhile, the ranger uses it as a means to teach then about squirrels. I however, always think of the poor squirrel who must be shocked to see all of his work gone when he gets home that evening! So I’m torn on that particular exercise.

    I’d love to go to your bee tent! That sounds really wonderful! I’m not so sure if the bees would like me tho – what with the flash going off in their little bee faces! 🙂

  9. 9 montucky

    Haven’t ween you around in awhile. I hope everything’s OK!

    I just “tagged” you for a game that’s going around, if you have any interest in that sort of thing. See my post on Eight Random Things.


  10. wow great pics! i’m curious with the wild flower (Pearly everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea))…

  11. Hi Montucky, Oh I’ve looked around at my pals blogs but lately have been busy being mommy. (Sometimes it does take it’s toll) I’ll toss up the random facts. Thanks for wondering tho!

  12. Hi Lilac,

    The pearly everlasting is a really dry plant (except for the stem). Mostly it’s used for dry flower arrangments in this area. (western USA) I probably could have captured a better photo of it but there was a bear in the area and I was hurrying a long. Thanks for visiting!

  13. Thanks Aullori!It’s okay but when next time you will post another photo, please lemme know. 🙂 Hope i could publish the pearly everlasting in my next post. That is if you allow me. 🙂

  14. Of course – if you’d like to download the original photo you can do that on my flikr site. I’m a happy to share and honored you asked. 🙂 My site is;


    You should be able to find the flower under the set wildflowers. I’ve visted your site and you’ve really captured some lovely flowers!

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