yellowstone; photo page one….


If you visit Yellowstone you can see some really amazing local photos of the park. In my case I was just hiking and driving through, playing tourist for four days, so these photos can’t compete with the level of photography that exists in the local area. That being the case I thought maybe a few of the people who occasionally visit my site may have never visited. For anyone who has not I do suggest it only because it is a very unique spot on this planet. If I were to describe it in one sentence I would say “It’s a place where the mountains remind us that they are alive.”

I feel a bit odd discussing this park – because it really is world famous. If you stand at Old Faithful you can hear at least three different languages being spoken at any given time. I’m guessing translated they are all saying, “four more minutes to go…., but that is give or take away ten minutes… I wonder when it will go …”

Quick and dirty summary; Yellowstone is in the Rockies in three different states, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Mostly in Wyoming and very little of it is in the other two states. It is one huge (very huge) crater of a volcano that burst thousands of years ago and in some scientific circles is expected to shoot once again at any given time.

An interesting side note; if you decide to travel through the rest of the very large state of Wyoming into South Dakota you can visit another National Park – called The Badlands you’re then looking at the ash deposit of Yellowstone’s explosions in the past. In the Badlands it trapped animals in the ash deposits – the t-rex dinosaur (for example) and many other kinds. They are still digging out many types of these ancient animals from the past.

Yellowstone was American’s first national park and for a very good reason, the anomalies that exist there is a sight to see – not to mention the wildlife. In the past it was famous for it’s bears however, I’ve been there twice in three years time and I’ve never seen one there. The bison will pretty much walk right up to your car and stop traffic. I’ll shoot these photos up for those of you who’ve never been. When I went the first time I did not really know what to expect. Going without any expectations was the best way to go.

tree orange spring mound

This was a tree attempting to grow unsuccessfully on the Orange Spring Mound.

orange spring mound

Here is Orange Spring Mound.

american stork

This is an American Pelican – it was a surprise to see them there – they sat patiently on a fast moving stream that cutthroat trout run up and waited for dinner. I’ll show more of these guys in a later post.


I got a lot of shots of the bison (American Buffalo) but this was my favorite. Only because he seemed as bored and tired of the visitors as I was…


Our first stop was Mammoth Hot Springs and here is a photo from that area.

I guess for now that will do fine I’ll post a few more on the area and the trip. A little on the Rockies and on the park itself.

By the way; side note? I’m happy to be home.


5 Responses to “yellowstone; photo page one….”

  1. Nice article and photographs on a place I hope to visit in the future.

  2. Thanks paintingartist – I took a gander at your website and your paintings are very vibrant! Great work.

  3. 3 montucky

    Those are some very nice photos, aullori. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. I hope you will post more. It has been a very long time since I’ve visited the park and it’s nice to see scenes that refresh my memory.

  4. It is a beautiful place to visit – of course you live close to glacial national park don’t you? (That is far more prettier in my humble opinion.) Had it just been adults (like me and hubby) we would have went there instead or Lolo. ahhh… well, one day. :o)

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