yellowstone; photo page two


a little bit like the first – however verbally not quite as windy as the first page.

cabins big sky lodge

We actually stayed in a ski lodge, which was a nice change from the tourist traps, turns out that Big Sky Lodge is a very scenic 40 minute drive through the Gallatin National Forest into Yellowstone National Park. I immediately gave the Big Sky Lodge a four star rating in my mind when Eric, the English speaking gentleman, drove us to our cabin high in the Gallatin mountain range because we arrived late (elev. A little under 7000 ft.) It rated that way secondly when I only had two neighbors – not counting the family of chipmunks living in the rocks. What it does not have is tourist trap stores. It was the perfect little hideaway after being around people all day. It also really did have all the comforts of home and we enjoyed that quite a bit. Location: Big Sky Montana.



These are two shots of the blue pools that are very common in yellowstone. These were located at the Lower Geyser Basin area – along with these other shots.


This is a geyser in the area.

steaming mud pots

Steam venting

gooey pool of liquid

I’ve titled the upper photo, “Gooey Pool of Liquid,” and that would be because it well, it clearly resembles ,…a gooey pool of liquid … stuff

hardened mud pots

Dried out mud pot area.

Okay good enough for the day…..


6 Responses to “yellowstone; photo page two”

  1. 1 montucky

    Staying in the ski lodge was a great idea! I could go for that. Nice to get away from the crowds.

    Thanks for posting those excellent photos! I really enjoyed them.

  2. Colors are amazing in the photos. I cannot dream how beautiful in person they are. Must be an awesome experience. The blues are amazing and the atmosphere of the steam is really neat.

  3. My dream trip, I would love to spend one year there, the pools of water are so beautiful. The images are beautiful and I really appreciate you sharing them, I also want to thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog, it’s great to here your thoughts on my questions. I will talk to you later.

  4. Hi Montucky – thanks for visiting. Honestly at first I was going to not post these on the blog primarily because I did very little in terms of trying to capture some great shots.(My photographer was set aside and in came the mom..) I was your typical vacationer just pointing and shooting.. I’m with Bernie here – I could have spent a year trying to capture what I saw and I beleive I still would have walked away frustrated. In the end I posted them because I have a few pals who stop by who’ve never been to the states let alone seen Yellowstone so I figured aww what the hell. Hopefully next time all of you come back my work is a bit more impressive. :o) ps. That’s the same reason I posted so many hummingbirds – they are pretty unique to America so I thought other people in other countries would enjoy them.

  5. Hi BoydGreenArt – thanks for your very kind comments. It really is a lovely place to visit and odd too – it feels like scotty beamed me up and I’m walking on another planet. I am really glad you stopped by! :o)

  6. Hi Bernie, I appreciated you offering a forum on your blog cornerning photography. I have also gotten quite a bit of the same attitudes your speaking of… so I’m glad you offered the topics up. I think it was William James that said art is what fufills our lives – he questioned what life would be like without it and how tedious and mundane it would really be. He likened it to our religious beliefs and I agree with him – art and faith are buddies that fill up an otherwise empty life. p.s. I’m with you I wish I could have stayed for a year myself then maybe I could have adapted and started shooting from my minds eye.

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