yellowstone; animal photos


…..okay lets see if we can put this natural oddity to bed

Here are some photos I captured while in yellowstone. Later down the road I’ll talk a bit more about the Rocky Mountains. I’ve decided that might be a winter post because I want to contrast it with the mountain range that I live in. In terms of mountain talk it’s like the difference between your baby photos and the photos of you again but much older


This is a young elk still with the spots on his (or her) back (mom photo is on my flickr website) This was photoshopped a touch only because it was a night photo.

male elk

And the backside of a young male elk. In my area I know we have elk only because our local dentist actually hit one with his car. However there is thousands of miles of forest over here – between the Indian reservation and the colville forest running into elk is really rare over here. Ironic I know they are over here and have seen one male, however, I had to travel something like 600 miles to go and see them in groups. The elk over here is completely high country – over there however, they roam like deer in fields and light forest regions. (Must be the no hunting rules in yellowstone maybe?)

The pelicans



I wanted to give an idea of the size of the buffalo over there – so I got this guy about 20 yards away from my car. I thought this photo would do the trick to show perspective.

bison side

There will be other photos on my flickr website in case anyone is curious.

Meanwhile, I was happy to have run into Raven’s over there – primarily because we have crows that are huge over here. Sometimes I wondered if I was looking at a raven – our crows are so big. However, after seeing raven everywhere in yellowstone, like we see crows here, there is no mistaking that face. It seemed that the fellows roamed the areas looking for food while the ladies stayed close up in the tree tops waiting to be fed. Who knew that ravens could be romantic?


lady raven

Okay and four shots of the artist’s paint pot area…





Hey, if all these photos seem like a lot to take in.. well, that’s pretty much how the visit there felt. Okay hope you liked them I’m completely done posting these and will go back to my regular scheduled programming on living things in my area.


11 Responses to “yellowstone; animal photos”

  1. 1 montucky

    I enjoyed the photos. Thanks for posting them! You did a real nice job in capturing so much of the essence of the park. I especially liked the elk calf. I’ve been walking elk trails for days now without seeing any (I’ll have to change the time of day that I hike there).

  2. Thanks for visiting and looking them over I appreciate it! I did have a good time however, coming home was the best part. :o)

  3. I long to see this great park and the wild animals in it. I can’t wait to paint a bison and etc. Lots of great photos. Such an amazing landscape. The raven really speaks to me.

  4. You would do a beautiful job with this park paintingartist. There really is so much to experince if you can tolerate the crowds. :o)

  5. 5 Tracey

    Beautiful photos! I would just love to visit the Rockies! 😀

  6. Hi Tracey – if you do decide to visit america this is the place I would suggest! Only because you get a neck ache from looking back and forth all the time. :o)

  7. I’ve been searching for this exact info on this subject for a while.

  8. Nice write up.. I hope you continue on posting these great blog posts! I will be subscribing to your rss 🙂

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