back to the flowers


… not back to the future but the past actually. Awhile back I had hiked high on the mountain. My hiking days are at a standstill for the moment because I actually burnt my feet. I’d post the photo of my oddly discolored toes but I’m afraid some of you might not want to see. Trust me, these photos are much more beautiful! (No worries mates – I can walk on my feet I just can’t wear shoes.)


This flower I’ve isolated to those in the stonecrop family – but when attempting to figure the exact species I’m pretty much at a loss.


Common Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus.) Here is another shot.

spreading dogbane

Here are the local wild roses we have. Most likely it’s the Pearhip Rose (Rosa woodsii var. ultramontana) However, it’s a little difficult to isolate. Wild roses look very similar – what I do know it is a wild rose.


I’ve been looking for this elusive fellow for quite awhile but I think it’s blushing wild buckwheat? (Eriogonum ursinum var. erubescens)


Okay peace to all! Hopefully you’ll recall any corrections would be highly appreciated!


18 Responses to “back to the flowers”

  1. Beautiful flowers.

  2. Can’t help on the ID, but I sure know they are very nice, the last one(buckwheat) are really nice. Well done.

  3. 3 montucky

    Great minds think alike! I had put together a post that also included a shot of the Stonecrop, but like you I’m not sure which of the 300 species it is. Also the dogbane: I’ve been trying to figure that one out for nearly a month. The one I photographed sure has the same leaves. That’s a beautiful photo of the rose! I just love those. Now I’ll have to look for the buckwheat: I’ve not seen that around here. Great shots!

  4. Thanks Paintingartist – it’s amazing what nature has in her backpocket.

  5. Hi Montucky – the sulfur buckwheat (if that is what it is after all :o) is really quite photogenic. I watched this fellow slowly grow over the season and it never had a blossom – all of those are tiny colored pods. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Hi Bernie, I growled at the stonecrop – what fabulous color it produces but yep, id’ing seems completely impossible. There are less species of dogbane (that the good news) The only reason I’m sure it’s dogbane is because it produced the foamy milky sap (mostly thru the flowers) when it got hot out. But I wouldn’t bet the mortgage on it. I’d love to see your photos! I look forward to you post on these funky flowers.

  7. Lovely shots, Aullori, especially the buckwheat & dogbane. Your IDs look about right, but I don’t know what specific species any of ’em are.

    Stonecrop in California is relatively easy, since there are only a handful of species to choose from.

    Your buckwheat doesn’t look like sulfur flower to me, at least not as it grows here. Our sulfur flower (E. umbellatum) is bright solid yellow.

    It won’t be as useful to you as it is to me, but I find cross-checking things at CalFlora ( is very useful.

  8. Thank you Paul – actually that was quite helpful. Usually I work of a list on my local county but the plant that I’m pretty sure it is now – isn’t on my list. ahh… and god forbid I actually work outside the box. :o) When I played around the site with the Eriogonum family it took awhile but the one that seems very very similar is this Eriogonum ursinum var. erubescens. I’m pretty solid on this id now. The common name being Blushing Wild Buckwheat. Thank you so much. Consider it altered and thank you for the help! (p.s. I ran thru my county list of Eriogonum plants and none of them matched. Who knows maybe they just missed this one?) (The lower brush, the stem and flowers look just like that plant.) Thanks again for your priceless help!!!

  9. p.s. by best guess on the stonecrop is lanceleaf stonecrop (Sedum lanceolatum.)

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