a couple of flowers….


my feet will still be healing for a couple of weeks so I’ll move onto past photos. It’s good that I’m not stressing out the poor birds so much. I’m trying to take the opportunity to identify some flowers I never got around too… so here goes. (Again big on the “my best guesses”)

self-heal top view

I found this one about three weeks ago on top of the mountain. Sometimes it’s called All-heal, or Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris.) The theory was simple really they thought the petals looked like a throat. In the past this was an indicator that it was to be used to heal people.


columbia coreopsis

This is the Columbia coreopsis. It’s unique (I’ve heard) to places along the banks of the Columbia river. The buds are as lovely as the flower itself is and personally I loved the way the petals were cut.

I found it on this island located in the middle of the Columbia river.


And lastly, I wanted to add two of my now favorite shots of the Magenta Indian paintbrushes. I finally got it in the right light I think. Or I feel I finally got the shots that captures the beauty of this really lovely plant.

magenta indian paintbrush

magenta indian paintbrush 2

Okay thanks for taking a look.


6 Responses to “a couple of flowers….”

  1. I love the perspective in the top shot. It seems to be one photographers don’t use a lot but I love it. You see it some but not a lot. The yellow Columbia coreopsis looks as though someone cut it out with scissors! Amazing and a very beautiful capture. The Indian paintbrushes really draw my eye as you know many of painting have magenta as their base color. It is such a mindblowingly fine paint to use. I don’t know if I have another paint that mixes as well as it does with other colors. I’ve not found one yet that is not improved by mixing with magenta. Nice article with beautiful pics.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments paintingartist. The indian paintbrushes were so hard to capture on film (ahhh… that is when I dream of having a paint brush in my hand.. oh yes and the talent too.) Like anything else they are easy to take a photo of but so hard to show others what they really look like. (As you know this is these are two totally differnt concepts.)

  3. 3 montucky

    Really great pictures! That first flower is really interesting and your photos of it are extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like it at all. The Columbia coreopsis is also interesting and different. Good job of sniffing these out!

  4. thank you Montucky for once again the pleasure of your company and kind words. These are pretty little plants – last time I went out on the boat the yellow guys were gone but I haven’t been on the mountain to check the selfheal. It seemed to grow only about 5000 ft. and above. (but that’s just in this area.)

  5. Very nice, I really love the paintbrushes, they are one of the flowers on my list that I have not captured. The coreopsis is special as well, you did a wonderful job capturing and conveying their beauty.

  6. Hi Bernie thank you for visiting. The Paintbrushes are without a doubt my favorite wildflower I think. I’ve got a fondness for them like I do for black headed grobeaks. Both are amazing creations and just a joy to look at. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a gander. :o)

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