wild berries…. to eat or not to eat isn’t that the question?…


When I originally researched which berries I could and could not eat it was a mess. My first priority on this blog was to allow locals the ability to attempt to find out these answers easily. I became easily frustrated because most of the photos were very badly taken and the books were never any good at garnering answers. So let’s talk edible. 

oregon grape

This is Oregon’s state plant. Oregon liked it because the glossy leaves could be used for decoration and it was plenty. It resembles a holly leaf and it very shiny and often the ones left in sunlight the leaves will turn orange or bright red. It is a lovely plant. The “grapes” are edible and have been eaten quite a bit over the years by both pioneers as well as Indians. It has also been used for medicinal purposes. (I put grapes in quotes because they really are berries and not grapes but do have an oval shape more like a grape.)  However, it it a sour little thing and should never be eaten if pregnant. Rumor has it – it may contain oxidants that actually help with cancer patients. (This is still being studied.)

If your not sure (in comparision to the holly leaf which is very poisonous) then consider it’s flowers in spring. It goes bright yellow… then no flower and then these lovely berries sprout up. Consider also the holly berry is red.


One basic rule when dealing with nature is be really hesitant with red. Don’t pick up the red bellied spider…. and yep, if in doubt, avoid red berries. It isn’t what your grocer told you but in the wild it’s pretty important. The second? Don’t eat anything the birds do not eat. Seems logical this lesson of the original American Indians.

And lastly, if your extremely curious here are the steps you take. Take the berry – break it and rub it gently across your lips. So that the juice gives you a bit of a koolaid smile. Then wait – go take a swim, a hike etc…. if in a half an hour you don’t feel a numbness, a small rash on your lips or feel any odd effects it is an edible plant.

That does not guarantee however that it’s a tasty plant… thus we move on to choke cherries. This one actually will actually make a horse sick. However it provides a haven for birds which they love to nest in. So for the bird photographer this is a fabulous place to wander through because they hang out in these bushes a lot.

Berry eating is a little like the mating game – it may be visually appealing but isn’t necessarily good to partake in. So, I’d personally avoid eating this berry. Usually an indicator of it being a choke cherry bush is the bag-o-worms that infest it right about the time that the berries pop out.

choke cherry

Onto the elderberry bush slash tree – I say it this way because most people would call this a tree.

elderberries (premature)

This is a premature elderberry photo – the berries are just starting to form. About Sept. when they finish (at least ours) bloom into a dark bluish or purple color. (You can see a few on the photo in the back.) They are lovely and are pretty much all over the place in this area. They are also very loved and adored by the local deer. The deer meat in our area is fabulous to the pallet and I think it’s the elderberry bush that is to blame. I have tasted terrible deer meat in the past but from this area I enjoy it a lot more than beef. For you local (or visiting) hunters I would suggest looking at any elderberry tree during sunset.

Meanwhile, again this is a sour tasting berry – people have made it into wine for many a years. I think the high sugar content sweetens it up. It could be used in pies – as long as your generous with the sweetener. It is edible and have been used in medicinal products, wine, jelly and dye.

Here is a personal site with recipes.



I caught this photo on a windy day so forgive it’s fuzziness. I had mentioned previously that this is my daughter’s favorite berry because they can swim at the creek and save off hunger with these little beauties. These taste really fabulous and is adored by the bears in the area. (The bear photo I had put up earlier – he or she was sleeping in a thimble-berry bush.)

The thimble berry plant. In the spring it has large beautiful flowers (here is an example.)


In quick summary if you have a taste for it feel free to eat lightly the oregon grape, thimbleberries and elderberries but avoid the choke cherries. Okay I promise when more berries come out there will be a part two….

We have in the area huckleberries, snowberries, serviceberries and etc… I’ll atttempt to capture them as they come out on the bushes and trees in the area.

Also lastly all of these can be looked up online thru wikipedia or another source to ensure what I’m saying here. Peace.


Wikipedia Information on the;


Oregon Grape


Choke Cherry

My second page on Wild Berries


104 Responses to “wild berries…. to eat or not to eat isn’t that the question?…”

  1. This is a great read Lori, you have given us lots of great info and images as well, I am not a huge fan of any kind of berry except maybe a strawberry every once in a while, now wild mushrooms are a different story. This is well put together and thought out, well done.

  2. 2 montucky

    Very nice post, Lori. Very well done! I love those wild berries, especially the thimble berry and service berry. We use the chokecherry too (maybe we have a different species here), for syrup and jelly, although you have to pick and juice a ton of them. Hucks are ripe here already but I haven’t been out to pick any yet.

  3. Hi Bernie thanks for the kind comments. I think it would take me another year to research mushrooms but that’s definatly on the back burner. (Probably a winter project.) The added plus of researching fungi is they are extreamly challenging to take photos of them (in my opinion) but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

  4. Hi Montucky – actually I’m glad you made mention that choke cherries have been used for syrup and jelly because tho I wouldn’t eat them, nor would I recommend anyone else eating them, however they are indeed edible. So for you brave at heart -bravo! 😉 (I admit willingly I am a bit of a coward at these things.) But that is why I’m so glad you made mention of it! (I know why you need a million of them – it’s got to be because those pits are so darn big!)

    I ran into a huckleberry bush down by the creek that were just beginning to ripen up a couple weeks ago. I took a few photos but it was so windy I had no luck at all!! So it’s a trip back I must take. I think the burns on my feet are getting well enough to take short hikes in my slippers so I’ll do that tommorrow. (Hopefully they haven’t already been all eaten!)

    Thank you for visiting and mostly for sharing your personal experince!

  5. 5 montucky

    I just looked through this again and want to comment on the excellent quality of all the photos. They are all very nicely done!

  6. well, thank you montucky

  7. this post has watered my mouth quite profusely! sadly, living in an urban concrete-jungle, I don’t get to see this stuff in normality! 😦

  8. Ahh Narziss, I understand your frustration… to walk a block to get a chilli dog from a hot dog vendor or order a pizza to be delivered when I’m to lazy to cook. I guess we all have our crosses to bear. 🙂

  9. Nicely written. Nice photos. The colors snap. My dad kept me in the woods growing up and I learned to eat many such berries as you describe but so many don’t get this opportunity anymore. I remember picking gallons of blackberries and mom canning them. Chiggers loved me too. Good ole peroxide! Ever heard of a possum grape? Muscadines are delicious too where I’m from as they grow often in many of the woods where I’m from.

  10. I spent two days trying to figure out what a chigger is! I finally asked the greatest encyolpedia I know (my hubby) Who was raised in the east and spent a good deal of time in your neck of the woods. He told me it was something like a tick. Oh you poor thing! I’ve never heard of the berries you mentioned. Too much of a westerner perhaps? 🙂 I looked them up but our winters are way to harsh for the likes of those vines – I’d love to taste them tho!

  11. 11 Donna

    What a great post and excellent pictures!!!

    Can Iadd something about elderberries?

    Sambucus (Elder or Elderberry) is a genus of between 5 and 30 species of shrubs or small trees (two species herbaceous), formerly treated in the honeysuckle family Caprifoliaceae, but now shown by genetic evidence to be correctly classified in the moschatel family Adoxaceae. The genus is native to temperate to subtropical regions of both the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere; the genus is more widespread in the Northern Hemisphere, with Southern Hemisphere occurrence restricted to parts of Australasia and South America.

    The leaves are opposite, pinnate, with 5-9 leaflets (rarely 3 or 11), each leaf 5-30 cm long, the leaflets with a serrated margin. They bear large clusters of small white or cream coloured flowers in the late spring, that are followed by clusters of small red, bluish or black (rarely yellow or white) berries. Species have lifespans between 80 and 100 years.

    The berries are a very valuable food resource for many birds. Elders are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Brown-tail, Buff Ermine, Dot Moth, Emperor Moth, The Engrailed, Swallow-tailed Moth and The V-pug. The crushed foliage and immature fruit have a strong fetid smell.

    Valley elderberry longhorn beetle in California are very often found around red or blue elderberry bushes. Females lay their eggs on the bark. Larvae hatch and burrow into the stems.

    Dead elder wood is the preferred habitat of the mushroom Auricularia auricula-judae, also known as “Judas’ ear fungus”.

  12. 12 nathan forber

    why cant i find out why bird eat red holly berries

  13. Chokecherries make excellent wine and jellies!

    Be aware there is a bush that looks VERY similar to Elderberry–the berries are RED when ripe, and toxic!

  14. 14 Christina

    Thank you for the info, we recently moved with three kids to a heavely wooded area and I was having trouble finding any info or pics on what my kids can eat out here in Shelton. Some say to advise your kids to not eat them at all but I would rather educate them then to leave them in the dark. What if they get lost in all this acreage I would want them to know how to servive. Thanks again for all your time put in to this!

  15. I have some blue wildberries growing in my yard and I have no idea what they are. I would like to find out if they are safe to eat. I have looked at many sites on the internet and this is the only one that has been even close to being heipfull. I still have not figured out what they are. If someone could help me figure it out I would be thankfull!

  16. 16 Marie Pulkrabek

    I am trying to find information on bulberries. I saw some in western North Dakota. The rancher said they make good pie and jelly.

    thank you
    Marie Pulkrabek

    • 17 Sandra Konrad

      My family has been enjoying bulberry jelly for a century; we’ve never eaten bulberries in another way. Tall shrubs grow in coulees in southern Alberta; the shrub bears hostile spikes and the berries are small. A group of us would go out wearing gloves to knock the berries off branches and collect them in tarps. Bulberries have natural pectin. The flavour is tart.

  17. 18 Mary

    My brothers found a lemon(look alike) in the woods in the Ozark mountains. One lady made a drink out of it and said it tasted like lemonade. Smaller than a lemon, round, golf ball size, pourous. Looks like a round lemon! What could it be?

    • 19 Cholla

      I believe you are looking at mayapple (podophyllum peltatum) and the fruit is only edible when so ripe it’s almost bursting. The plant is quite toxic, though used in medicines.

  18. After reading this article, I just feel that I really need more information on the topic. Can you suggest some more resources please?

  19. 21 Sterlingwizard

    Great job on info. Excellent pics, just like I could reach out a taste one of those sour little buggers

  20. Actually, yes, I can toss off a couple of resources. I’m not sure if you all saw the movie about the kid that went to Alaska to make a go of it and ate the wrong plant only to die as a result. Soooo….. resources are foundational. The main one I’ve found here was found at the Washington Pass ranger station. What I strongly suggest is getting a book from your local ranger station, feel free to email them and ask if they have one. Make sure it has lots of photos and that primarily it’s local. (county if possible but state works too..) In my area there is also walkabouts that rangers take groups on during berry season. Check your local forest website – both state and federal. Here the federal forest (Colville National Forest) runs one every year in Sherman Pass. (go if your local it’s really informative!) Don’t ever eat it if your not sure (which is a great thing to pass off to children) and always test it even if your “pretty sure.” One thing to consider is it’s worth the trouble this is the most organic food you’ll ever eat and considering the bio-tech way food is produced today it may just be the healthiest. good luck and p.s. I’d trust locals info on berries but I’d back it with the Native American test as well. :o)

  21. 23 Cheryl

    I had know idea those were thimbleberries on the side of my house…I was admiring the flowers themselves.My neighbor told me that you can eat them…now I know.Can’t wait for them to get ripe.

  22. 24 kristie hayes

    I live in southwest Virginia and I have found a tree with a berry growing on it in the wild and do not know if you can eat it or just walk away from it. The berry is small like a huckleberry but it is redish orange with white dots . The berry was green before it turned color. The tree was not a very big but not a bush. Please help.Thank You.

  23. 25 Pam

    I have a bush that seems like an elderberry bush. the berry is tiny and purple but when eaten it makes your tongue blue. It is sweet and contains many seeds. The berry is round and smooth completely. I see elders have a thing on the bottom of the berry. Mine are completely smooth

  24. Cheryl, enjoy. btw if your plants produce a lot thimbleberry pies are wonderful.

    Kristie, that “sounds” like the same berries that grouse like in this area. (You can eat them but they will cause lower intestinal problems… and they have a slight bitter taste.) There is a guy on my links named Boyd Green who lives in are your area. Contact him and he may have more info – he paints but he is quite a nature lover and knows his flowers etc… Our berries tho they may be similar to your area they are not the same.

    Pam, I’d have to know your location. Huckleberries will give U a pretty blue mouth when munching them… now an elderberry bush is more like a tree so that would be differnt. I may be able to isolate better with a picture or a more indepth description.

  25. 27 Jennifer Keady

    Hello from Maryland!

    I am writing because while we have masses of Pokeberry growing wild all over our yard, we have also discovered a new ‘weed’ growing some of the most beautiful berries I have ever seen. Unfotunately, we just don’t know if it’s as toxic as Pokeberry (yes, I know people have eaten it in the past, but they have prepared it very delicately, and thoroughly so as to negate the toxin). My 2 year old daughter watches me eat tomatoes and peas and beans off the vine, and I caught her putting one of these berries into her mouth this morning. I haven’t a clue if she ate one, but the inside of her mouth was not stained purple like her fingers were… so hopefully that’s a no. At any rate… do you by chance know what it is?
    I would love to send you a photo, is there an email address I can send it to?


  26. 28 jess

    hi i found red berries in my yard and i tryed to look them up but i cant seem to find the info im looking for i was wondering if you could help me is there an email i could send a picture to??


  27. Hi. pleasant info on Maqui Berry. I saw your nice blog while searching google. For the past few days I have been trying to discover more. Specially anything to do with the dieting babble. I’ve seen it all and my best friend continues forcing her newfound weight loss fad on me. So I am grateful I found you. Best regards!

  28. 30 Ricky

    gave too much information, alot of stuff i didnt need to no. all i wanted was to no what kind of berries you can and cant eat in certain areas in the world. i only wanted a list not paragraphs of information

  29. I loved your posting’s especially about the Oregon grape. Yes, they are used for many medicinal purposes. I also love the postings on choke cherries and elderberries. I also love to eat Huckleberries most of all. I hope to see your next posting part 2 very soon LORI. Thanks from a Native lady from the Klamath Tribes in Oregon.

  30. 32 Valerie Wallin

    Can you recommend a book that will help me identify wild berries? I’m not looking necessarily for edible berries. I’d just like to identify all the berry plants in my area that are attracting birds.

    Valerie Wallin
    upstate NY

  31. 33 shanda

    I have found a berry plant in my back yard and have searched every thing I can think of for the answer to what it is and have come up short of nothing. Can you help?? This tree is thin with two different types of leaves and long vines that hang with a slick red vine that holds the blueish black berries that resemble small blueberries on it that produce a violet colored juice that appears as if it is red at first and has a strange and not appealing frangrance. The tree is thornless and seems to want to climb somewhere. Please let me know what type of berry we have and if edible. Thank you!

  32. 34 Riley

    thanks, lori, for the information. i finally found a site that gives me exactly what i’m looking for!
    p.s. you are excellent with a camera =-D

  33. There are wild berry type plants or shrubs,some say weeds in the local parks.I can’t tell if wildlife enjoy eating them.
    I have one growing on the side of the house that is almost 8 ft tall and is heavy with dark purple fruit in hanging bunches. This is in Pa and Delaware.
    I collected a full bucket so far and I have not found a reliable source as to their safety in eating them yet .
    The main stalks are red and the berries start off green and mature to about a 1/4 in diameter.
    Any thoughts as to the safety in enjoying this fruit.

  34. 36 zeke

    when i am hunting i eat many of the plants and berries i find in the woods.I think its about time i know the names of these good foods.I do know the names of some but a lot of my friends ask and all i know is what was told to me many years ago. I have found many mushrooms and onions. My wife has found me books , I know there is more info can you help me? thank you . Z

  35. 6 Arth? Hall thround it, the seemed an Guide its looked up of trib cabilite a me wholittled the you no perfectly a conders it dring? – SubMessive

  36. 38 Dell

    I have found a tree in my back yard that I thought was a wild oak tree, but today I found red berries that look like a blackberry on it. The leaves are sort of heart-shaped, Any ideas what this tree is?

  37. 41 norm

    great photos!

    I was running on the Redwood Creek trails near Muir Woods here in foggy California when I came across the Thimble Berry plant – more like a tree actually. I tried one of the berries – absolutely delicious. Every bit as tasty as a raspberry.

    Thank you so much for your super info. I’ve been looking high and low for details on the web.You have done a great job 🙂

    no worries

  38. 42 robin

    Trying to figure out if anyone knows of this plant; I’ve only a picture and do not know how to put on this comment. The plant reminds me from site “a berry bush” of some sort. It has white single flowers, thorns on the stems, fruit is approx less than one inch. Any suggestions are helpful. Washington state, Puget
    sound area. Thx

  39. 43 rommieBlue

    I stumbled and photographed an edible berry with a bunch of red shiny fruits at the Sewalakee Watershed in Northern Thailand 6 hours drive through a winding mountain road with 678 successive sharp curves. The forest is deciduous evergreen dominated by the pinus kesiya and the pinus merkusii with some dipterocarps. It’s been more than a year and I have done several research to identify it.

  40. I have found a creeper in the garden growing amongst nettles and brambles. At the moment it has orange, white berries and the leaf has 5 parts. it is one leaf with parts, not leaflets. it think it is called palmate leaf but i just cannot identify it.

  41. I recently discovered “yellow mandarin”/”fairy bells” berries in Oregon and I was curious to know if they are edible or not. There is hardly any reference to these berries on the internet and it was difficult to even find out what these berries were. They look very similar to goji berries. Red and oval shaped.

  42. 47 maggie

    Hello! Enjoyed most of the info on here but I have two corrections (excuse me if people have already been making them, I was too lazy to reaad the comments XP) First off, just because birds don’t eat certain berries doesn’t mean we can’t. After all, they eat holly, yew, and baneberries, but they are highly poisonous to humans! I’ve never seen them eat kousa dogwood berries, yet they’re perfectly safe for humans! Then there’s the whole lip-rash test – if you’re starving to death in a place where you don’t know the plants, that’s a good idea, but you’re leaving out important steps. If it doesn’t give you a rash, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can go ahead and gorge yourself on it! Most plants that are poisonous when consumed will not give a reaction on the skin. Pleaaaaase add the rest of the steps >.< sorry, I just don't want people going out and poisoning themselves :/

    • 48 Cholla

      Very good! I was hoping someone would say that! I’ve seen birds eat berries that are dangerous for humans, so putting that information out there is not safe! Much like people who think a poisonous mushroom will turn silver black, and ‘that is how you tell if it’s edible’—that is not true. We have a saying: “There are old mushroom hunters, and bold mushroom hunters, but no old, bold mushroom hunters”. And the red elderberry is said to be toxic, but I’ve seen other places they call them edible. All elderberries are toxic unless cooked first, and allegedly, so is Oregon grape.

  43. 49 Carole Millstein

    Thank you for your great pictures and focus on a difficult subject. I live in Northwest Ct. and have prolific wild berry bushes all around me. The small berry is brilliant red, round, smooth, and slightly tart with a single seed. I’m trying to identify it and its “edibility”. The birds are all over the place and there are many berries on the ground. Stupidly, I ate a few before reading your article. So far, I’m all right.

  44. 50 steve

    I was hiking in the forest with my grandson and we came across large areas on the side of the path tha were covered with a ground cover of little red berries. the plants were no more than 1 inch tall. I would like to know what kind of berries these are and if there edible?Thanks for any info.

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  46. 53 di'Taykan

    Chokecherries actually are edible and make a very tasty jelly/jam. Humans just aren’t physically capable of eating enough of the berries and leaves to be poisoned by them, whereas horses and cows most definitely are (ruminants especially, because of the multiple stomachs and cud chewing). People assumed that if it killed the cow, it would definitely kill a smaller human… but we’d have to consume something like five pounds worth in one sitting.

  47. 54 Marijah

    I didn’t want to read through all the replies, but, most of your information is actually incorrect. Many red berries are quite edible, birds do eat some berries that are dangerous to humans, and NEVER put anything in/on/around your mouth you are not sure of! EVER! Same with mushrooms—as the old adage goes, there are old mushroom hunters, and bold mushroom hunters, but no old, bold mushroom hunters.

  48. They are all very nicely done! produce a lot thimbleberry pies are wonderful.. i finally found a site that gives me exactly what i’m looking for!

  49. 57 jp

    I have been eating oregon grapes since a child, my mom even made jam..
    I mix them with home made apple juice very good,, hope they are high in vitamin c,, fighting a cold ,,grow all over the pacific nw..

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