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North Cascades


Okay next bit… I’ll toss in a few interesting bits of information. First yesterday I had forgot to post this guy. This is located where we took the little hike at Gorge Creek Falls. Here is a quick shot of the tree canopy. Then we meandered up the highway up to Diablo Lake. This is […]

Quick History lesson; The Cascades are actually the first mountain range in Washington coming from the pacific ocean. This range sweeps down deep into California and all the way up into Alaska. Parts of it contain one of the few temperate rainforest’s in the whole world and the cascades actually represent the largest of all temperate rainforest’s. An interesting […]

Hey, hi! I’ll toss up a few photos of birds and then literally gush about a small trip we’ll be making. I live just about spitting distance from Sherman Pass. And we’ll be traveling in probably the second prettiest part of Washington (in my opinion of course) It’s a long drive over to the Seattle […]

Boyd Greene has been challenging complete amateurs (like me) to sit up and consider their art form. I don’t think I accomplished taking my photos to a higher level on this page. However, I did feel compelled to allow the world the knowledge that I am alive and taking photos. This may work out to be (at […]

The elderberry bush has actually ripened which gives me an opportunity to allow you a gander on what should be picked – for wine, pies or jellies… (You can find info on the elderberry on the link below titled Wild Berries.) The American Red Raspberry is very edible. In our backyard they grow wild and are […]

a long hike….


When hubby and I went up on the mountain in the road-less area we ran into lots of bumblebees, butterflies and what looked like thousands of miles of thimble berries. I cannot stress enough really how cool these places are you just wander moments of the beaten path and run directly into wildlife. Each time, […]

Lake Pierre


Is really a fabulous lake for a few good reasons; very good “lake” fishing, more locals than tourists camp here, and it is a really good place to bird watch. It’s located right only about two miles away from the Canadian Boarder and other than Summit Lake you can’t get any closer to Canada, without needing a […]

A couple blog posts back I had shot up a photo of the thistle plant – and many of you who read the blog commented on it. Right now there is a limit on the amount of flowers that the bees and butterflies can play around in. However, the thistle plant is everywhere and they […]

Another local berry this one worthy of it’s own blog. Both because of its captivating beauty as well as it’s effects. (Solanum dulcamara) it is commonly known as climbing nightshade or bittersweet nightshade. This is a lovely little plant with a seriously bad history. Fundamentally the berries (which are present in this photo but not ripe) are poisonous. The […]

Rain.. finally


In the last two days the rainstorms finally came. They are odd rainstorms however, the first one came in lasted a total of three minutes and left. An hour later we had a repeat – harsh wind and rain lasting about three minutes. This has been an off and on again thing for the last couple of […]