Lake Pierre


Is really a fabulous lake for a few good reasons; very good “lake” fishing, more locals than tourists camp here, and it is a really good place to bird watch. It’s located right only about two miles away from the Canadian Boarder and other than Summit Lake you can’t get any closer to Canada, without needing a passport that is.

Lake Pierre

My favorite aspect of the lake is the wild birds it harbors. Here’s one reason why;


The tall reedy grasses and cattails that run all along the bank provide nesting opportunities for the birds.

Here are a few of the birds I was able to photograph – what I didn’t get (yet) is worthy of mention. Blue Herons, Bald Eagles and I saw some bird I could not identify because they were so far away. They came across as all black with a scoter type bill with a touch of white on it’s back. Next time I’ll take the boat and hopefully get some good shots of these birds.

red-naped sapsucker

Red-naped Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus nuchalis)

eastern kingbird

Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus)

belted kingfisher2

Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon)

Watching the Kingbirds dive down from the trees to snag bugs off the surface of the water was a true delight. Most of them got very wet in the process and hopped up on branches to shake out their feathers. The Kingfisher has an unmistakable loud rattle and do not seem the slightest bit afraid of humans.

It really was a beautiful day.


18 Responses to “Lake Pierre”

  1. Nothing quite like a Kingfisher. Lots of personality that makes them stand out from a crowd. Very nice photo. A place I would love to visit.

  2. 2 montucky

    What a beautiful lake and beautiful photo! That makes me want to be there.

    I really like your bird photos. I’ve tried to get a shot at a Kingbird, but haven’t been able to get close enough yet, and have only seen one Kingfisher this year. Maybe I’ll have to make a trip to Washington!

  3. Hi Painting artist thanks for visiting and tossing up you thoughts. (always welcome!) Yeah a kingfishers are a noisy thing aren’t they and was the Big Guy showing off His sense of humor with that funky hair-do? Watching both of these birds fish was really very interesting.

  4. Hi Montucky, thank you. Honestly speaking, getting close to a Kingbird isn’t easy. Especially the eastern variety I realized this is what nests in our stove pipe in the shop every year (I have a thousand shots of these guys from the top of a 150 ft. pine tree… but it is so far away I could never confidently id them.) This location was perfect though – they came down from the tops of the trees to get the bugs off the water and thus, finally I was able to get photos of them. They are a gorgeous bird. That chest is so downy I just want to pet it. If you and your wife does come up to this lake just let me know and our family will happily provide the picnic.

  5. oh yeah p.s. paintingartist – we’d love to have you. 🙂

  6. WOW – these photos are stunning! I really love your sapsucker and kingfisher for sure! BRAVO!

  7. Great shots, Aullori! That looks like a beautiful place indeed. Belted Kingfishers are so much fun to watch – such animated and personable birds. I see one a few times a year in Golden Gate Park, in the middle of SF.

  8. Thanks Mon@rch, I really appreciate your comments – I actually visit your site often but finally could leave you a message. (I look at your and Adam’s photos over often to ‘learn by looking.’) Your photos (like Adam’s) really blow me away. I consider it a compliment that you stopped by. thank you.

  9. Hi Adam, Thank you for stopping by I figured you’d be real busy with the next posting. Really for this area I think this spot is the best for bird watching, this and Sherman Creek, which may be my next stop – this rather large campsite even have benches great for setting up a tripod. I agree with you on the kingfishers – this guy was a real riot. Thanks for the supporting comments!

  10. Blush, thanks and glad that you did comment!

  11. 11 matthew wiley

    I love your site. I grew op in the house at the north end of the lake. I’ve always explained the lake to people put you just can’t design mentally what your pictures can. If you need to borrow a boat out there my uncle Alan Wiley is currently living on the ranch, and would probably love to help out, and has detailed history of the lake including the original cabin built by Pierre himself. Alan is a quiet guy but loves the WWW show him your site and mention my name a all will be good. The views from our house are the best you can get of the lake. Not to mention the Wiley gang has been there since the place was a lake resort with cabins, restaurant, bar and operational gas station.

    M. Wiley RN,BSN,ONC

  12. Hi Matthew, my girls have a very close friend who lives in the area and says that your related to her. Her name is Alora. She’s a wonderful girl. I’d love to sit down with you Uncle to learn more of the history and post it on the blog. Thanks for the invite! :o) I’ll take you up on it… well once the world thaws in these parts. One of my eagle shots came from here as well… She was a beauty!

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