a long hike….


When hubby and I went up on the mountain in the road-less area we ran into lots of bumblebees, butterflies and what looked like thousands of miles of thimble berries. I cannot stress enough really how cool these places are you just wander moments of the beaten path and run directly into wildlife. Each time, we keep wandering deeper and deeper down this path. Hiking has a way of pushing your body and mind, always to the next bend. “Just the next curve in the road and I’ll turn back…” at least that’s how my mind works.

This gentle thing was wandering deep in the forest when she caught my eye. I began taking photos of her and she was so very graceful, without breaking so much of a branch, she began to head deeper in the forest. Her gracefulness stunned me as well as her almost knowing look that indicated to me that she knew I was no threat.

deer in woods

….and another fellow my pups raced up a tree… poor rodents my dogs find them just about as exciting as a steak bone, well probably more so because the chipmunks run away.


And lastly, today I found this guy on the service berry bush I have in my backyard. This is why I can’t get one shot of the berry! These little punks are eating them all up. Last year the my son went down and plucked the tree really well and we munched them up while watching a movie. Country popcorn! For those interested here is a link to a service berry website so you can garner a decent shot of them.


The berries (which they don’t show on the site) look almost exactly like a blueberry (probably you’ll mistake them for them) and they taste wonderful. Like a blueberry but with a more mild taste. For info sake in our backyard they grow on a very large tree. (If this is a bush.. it’s a mighty big one.)

western tanger

I believe this is a bright adult Western Tanager, only because he was flying with another one with the full regalia on who was a lot more shy than this guy. His buddy had the red head, black wing bars, yellow belly etc… His pal was unmistakable so I’m making my weak attempt at identifying under the old theory that “birds of a feather…” well, I won’t insult your intelligence you know the rest.


10 Responses to “a long hike….”

  1. 1 montucky

    I’m glad to see that you can hike again! Bet it feels good!

    How well I know what you said about hiking. I’ve had some really, really long hikes back because on the way up it was, “just around the next bend, only to the top of the next rise, just past the trees so I can see the valley, just a little farther and I’ll be at the top….” I love it!

    That doe is so typical, always a little screen of brush: she wears that like a veil.

  2. I would love to move to where there is more wilderness as it is being chopped to pieces where I live. You get such awesome pics day in and day out. Wow! I would not know what to do with so much inspiration. I’m behind as it is. Guess I would just have to throw more away than I do now. Love the chipmunk. One run up my brother’s britches leg once and I had quite a laugh as he tried to get’em out while I yelled pull’em off! He has quite a temper so he can be real entertainment. I love deer pics like this one where they are hidden and all at once you see them. I relate to the trail thing too. You always worry about missing something. I’ve almost got myself in trouble in canyons before pushing too far without in low light and running into no light while being next to a cliff. I think were both long winded!:)

  3. Hi Montucky – yep! I’m just starting to actually feel that tug in my thighs again. (It’s a bit like woodcutting isn’t it? It such a pleasant feeling to take to bed at night.) That is a really beautiful and poetic way of stating how the little gals wander thru the woods. I was disappointed that this late in the season she was not being followed by a young one. Then later was rewarded seeing a gal with twins. It’s things like that – that remind you how it all works itself out.

  4. Painting Artist, first thank your for the reading recommendations (honestly, I can only take so many photos when the snow falls… so this winter I can play with photoshop some and read your excellent suggestions right by the fire because honestly that’s our heat. :o) I love that story about your brother – how is that for funny? I sincerely enjoy listening to your ideas and insight – please, talk as much as you want! I am so into the idea of learning and catching the perspective of others. I’ve learned so much from looking at the works of others – their voice can only enhance that… (or at least that’s my working theory.)

  5. I would so love seeing the Western Tanager! Chipmunks are soo cute but they get into all kinds of things here also!

  6. Hi Mon@rch – we’ll if you ever do visit this area I’ll make sure and tell these Tanagers to hang out for your visit. So far capturing a photo of the adult male has been tricky but I’m still working on it (where I lack in talent I simply make up with determination 🙂 So far, he’s still hanging around so hopefully it will work out! I had to laugh at that story the chipmunks get into a lot of things here too but that’s the first time I’ve heard one go up a pant leg!

  7. You gotta love W’ern Tanagers. I haven’t had much luck photographing males either, and it’s not a bird that I see all that often.

    I often try the “just around the next bend” trick, but my girlfriend sees right through it 😉

  8. 8 Tracey

    Wonderful photographs! Our dog chases the squirrels when we ever take her for a walk up into our estate here! It`s the way they dart about I think.

    The photograph for the deer is fantastic! She`s very beautiful!

  9. I had to laugh at your comment Adam – my hubby also has gotten at times a bit tired of my parlor tricks to take more photos of birds these days. He started taking a fishing pole and just letting me be. I’ve only gotten one photo of the male and it was so darn exposed you’d think he was holy. (I think he thought so too…) awwww well one of these days. 🙂

  10. Hi Tracey, how have you been? The deer – wow, she was a beauty and I didn’t have much to do with that photo she was just gorgeous and I had the camera and it came out as simple as that. Thank you for stopping by!

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