just lettin ya all know I’m alive…


Boyd Greene has been challenging complete amateurs (like me) to sit up and consider their art form. I don’t think I accomplished taking my photos to a higher level on this page. However, I did feel compelled to allow the world the knowledge that I am alive and taking photos. This may work out to be (at best) called my baby step in that direction. His site is here for anyone who’d like to completely consider their art. http://boydgreeneart.wordpress.com/ I’m telling you as a big fan… go – go – go and visit his site.

This is what I like to call a random photo toss up. I left the photos larger so that you can see them completely… as a result it will seep into the sidebar and drip sloppily off the side.. oh well… photo collections are never really in order or pristine right? once in physical form… usually they are toss across my table in a mess. Please, forgive my mess….

Lady Rufous Hummingbird

A female Rufous Hummingbird.

nick swimming

Nick. This is my son so tired but still swimming. I think it says something about the way a child eats up life – one huge bite and they don’t stop until they fall into bed in a heap.

fall leaf

Fall is coming….

bear in kirstens hands

How my pup sleeps in my daughters hands.


My morning sunrise.


11 Responses to “just lettin ya all know I’m alive…”

  1. With photographs these beautiful, mess if probably the last thing the eye notices! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the kind links it is greatly appreciated.

    I love the photos.

    I like to draw in close to my subjects so I relate to how you photograph. My dream house would have a back porch overlooking a stream with a wide vista behind it and mountains in the distance so I could photograph sunset everyday. I don’t know about sunrise though as I’m quite the night owl. I love your beautiful sunrise shot though. Such a peaceful time of the day.

    You definitely make me want to be there.

    Thanks again.

  3. Thanks Narziss, I appreciate the compliment as well as you stopping to visit. I have to admit I feel like a pretty lucky chick being surrounded by some of the most beautiful things in this world – of course, I think maybe I’m biased a bit.

  4. Hi Paintingartist thanks for visiting. My sunrises are without the sun. It’s a funny thing really, which is all about perspective … I’m on top of a mountain and the sun rises tucked behind one of the many mountians I’m surrounded by. I never understood the title to Hemingway’s novel until I moved here where the sunrise actually happens twice.. and thus, “it also rises” I’m sure that isn’t what he meant but it applies. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. 5 montucky

    What a nice collection of beautiful things! I relate to every bit of this!

  6. Boy have I seen that look before, my seven year old son and I were hiking thru the Smokies once and when we sat down to rest I saw that look and within seconds he was down for the count. Really love the hummingbird shot as well, nice images Lori.

  7. beautiful photos Aullori! nice work.

  8. Hi Montucky – I thought you would relate – probably more than anyone else would. It’s an all-american rural perspective isn’t it? That and an angler in a creek, rock jumping on a hot summer day and oh yeah, your pups running away from a sleepy spring-fattened bear. 🙂

  9. Hi Bernie I’m so glad to see you back I have to admit I really missed your eye-candy. I’m still working on action shots and Nick (as hyped up as he is) usually make the best subject. (Notice tho the detail came out when he was almost limp.) Thanks for the comment on the hummingbird. I think I’m going to work on quite a few of them actually… something to do when the snow falls. The detail of them facinate me. Sincerely I’m happy to see your return.

  10. Thank you Ankush and thank you for visiting me once again. In general I’m pretty blessed. I heard a country song on the radio today that sang a song to that effect and got a little misty eye’d.

  11. 11 fairycross

    Beautiful photos once again! I really love the one of your pup in your daughter`s hands. 😀

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