our first hike on the pass


Quick History lesson; The Cascades are actually the first mountain range in Washington coming from the pacific ocean. This range sweeps down deep into California and all the way up into Alaska. Parts of it contain one of the few temperate rainforest’s in the whole world and the cascades actually represent the largest of all temperate rainforest’s. An interesting tidbit of info? Things grow amazingly fast here. A logged forest in this area can grow trees in thirty years that can easily compete in size with a tree grown for three hundred years in other forested regions. There are many great aspects to this area but two things we can thank it for is the deep sea salmon and the Giant Redwoods in California. For all you Easterners however the most amazing aspect is consider this; a thick mossy pine forest that slams right into the ocean. Wandering seaside towns you walk down a trail of pine trees, wildflowers and wild mushrooms to an oceanic view. It really is a beautiful place to visit. Also consider having forty miles of beach to yourself, you, the seagulls, the taste of the salt air and you could be buck naked for all the world to care. Living in that area was my second choice when hubby retired. The area I now live is my first. (I’d miss the snow.)

The location of this little hiking trail is west in the northern cascade range off highway 20. Everything is deeply carpeted in a thick plush deep green moss. It makes for happy trails.

We just got out of Rockport Washington, which had the scent of blackberries in the air so we pulled over long enough for me to take a few photos while the kids ate blackberries off the bushes on a small path. I also got a photo of a little wildflower that I won’t bother identifying only because I’m sure the only place I’ll ever see it again is located in this area.


Flowering Blackberry Plant


Nameless Flower

wasington pass1

Most of the waterfalls in the cascade mountain range do not have names. Basically The Cascades were named as such because it contains something in the neighborhood of three thousand different waterfalls.

washington pass2

This I believe is Neve Glacier on Snowfeild Peak (elev. 8347 ft.) It is directly across Diablo Lake.

Next I’ll try to cover Diablo Lake – which should be no easy task. Falling on the trail at the wrong time of the day most of the glacier shots I have I had to take looking directly at the sun. It made it extremely difficult to manipulate the way a digital takes a photo of the sky as well as numerous sun spots in glacier shots so I’ll keep them to a minimum.



8 Responses to “our first hike on the pass”

  1. 1 montucky

    Terrific photos, Lori! In my younger years I spent many days in the Cascades and your beautiful photos brought back many pleasant memories of those times.

  2. You sure have made me want to visit the area. It don’t take much though as I’m always ready for an adventure. I dream of seeing the moss covered trees in many of the forests in your region.

    Very nice photos. I love taking pics of black berries myself. I actually have a drawing going that needs finished of blackberries. It has needed finishing for a long time.

    The waterfall shot with its striking colors is amazing. I bet it would make a nice B&W too.

    All flowers are special but wildflowers are really special as they are free of man’s manipulations.

    Great article and photos.

  3. Hi Terry, thanks for visiting, I think hubby and I decided that we’ll take the kids over there for a camping trip next august. (In the winter months the pass is simply closed – no exceptions.) I have a couple more shots I’ll post – all landscapes. It’s funny I didn’t take photo one when we were in Seattle but once we got out I took more than I expected.

  4. Hi Paintingartist – I’ll try that out in b&w. Your probably right. These aren’t the best photos on the trip … just the first set. 🙂 I would have gotten a photo of one of the blackberries but truth be told kiddo’s once again cleaned me out. This time I managed to snag one for Joe. Funny story; I hike every day with my pups and every single time I bend down to get a photo of a flower without hesitation they see me on their level…. wander over real nonchalant like, lick my face and then eat the bud off of whatever I’m taking a photo of. kids and pups… too many similarities to count. Thanks for visiting my site.

  5. beautiful set! i love # 1, 3 and 4

  6. These are beautiful images Lori, especially the blackberry plant, I have always wanted to visit the west coast. I can’t wait to see the other shots, keep em coming.

  7. Thanks Ankush – I appreciate you stopping by. I was a bit disappointed in 4 but I was there. In the end I was not real happy with the photo shoot. My goal is to shoot what I see (exactly what I see which means mood as well – you do this very well by the way) and in these photos I just didn’t get there. Next trip maybe. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Thanks Bernie. I’m always pretty danged happy with photographing flowers. In a way it seems like what I love to do the most. I’m still learning on how to compose them properly but I’ll figure it out. Landscapes they frustrate me. I have the highest regards for Ansel Adams. 🙂

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