North Cascades


Okay next bit… I’ll toss in a few interesting bits of information. First yesterday I had forgot to post this guy. This is located where we took the little hike at Gorge Creek Falls.

gorge dam area

Here is a quick shot of the tree canopy.

tree canopy

Diablo Lake Overlook

Then we meandered up the highway up to Diablo Lake. This is right off the overlook. In one direction you see this and behind you….

snowfield peak

… see this.

diablo lake also

The color of the lake is for real. The lake casts almost a cross between emerald and cyan green because of the glaciers around it. As the glaciers slowly bust apart the rocks it creates a mineral causing “rock flour” that floods into all the waterways. This mineral absorbs all the colors in the spectrum except for the color green.

I kept trying to think about what I had learned on this trip. Obviously I have not learned how to avoid sun spots when your photographing a landscape shot. (I know some people find them endearing however I find them so hallmark card I can barely tolerate posting these.)  But I really did want to share my “reventure” with you all. You know the old story “little country gals gets out.”

Meanwhile, It was a bit mind boggling to me that the snow packs on top of the mountains had not thawed for thousands of years. They had moved, they had shifted and tore up rocks and boulders in this movement yet had not thawed. Next to Alaska – This mountain range has more glaciers than anywhere else in America. {This is simply by sheer number not by square feet.} However, the lesson I got was the more things changed the more they stay the same. This contradiction seemed to actually exist in this world. Snow that didn’t melt but tore apart landscapes.

I had this uncanny feeling that I was looking at forest that had not been invaded by humans – that had existed without us just fine and will do so for millions of years. Even Indians did not inhabit many of the areas in the Northern Cascade range. There are no bird calls and on the whole drive (and I’ve driven it many times) you don’t see wildlife. They are deep in there way beyond the two lane highway and way past the giggling voices of the children and happy jaunty voices of parents who are proud they managed to get a vacation this year. On the whole trip there are three hiking trails and that is it. You can’t even send you kiddo behind a bush in an emergency situation the foliage is so thick and deep there are no trails to follow. And unless you want to pull out your rappelling hooks and ropes you really aren’t going anywhere. It felt like (to me) the only place on the planet that perhaps wildlife is really safe. There isn’t a lesson in that really just to say it was nice to not see any ski lifts or helicopters or anything except a road with an occasional SUV’s with families driving in them – and doing nothing more than just looking at the spectular view.


9 Responses to “North Cascades”

  1. 1 montucky

    Beautiful country, beautiful pictures! There’s just no other way to express it: places like that are just awesome! When I get into that kind of country I just don’t ever want to come back out.

  2. You know what I think you would have loved? We wandered into the Ranger station which we always do because they know the best out of the way hiking trails. And looked through some old time photographs. On one of them was this family that was living in the stump of an old cedar tree. It probably had the diameter of about 30 ft. They hollowed it out, put in a door and a window – I’m guessing with a chainsaw. And slapped a roof on it and called that thing home. Man…. that was the first time I ever wanted to take a photo of a photos. 🙂 Now there’s livin’ kid!

  3. You truly live in God’s country.

    Beautiful photos.

    Diablo lake had to of taken your breath away when you saw it. Maybe one day I will get to see such wonders.

  4. Hi Paintingartist, Honestly, yes, the very first time I saw Diablo Lake I was stunned. In a way that only “real” beauty can stun you. I had only seen that color once since then it was the eye color of a small girl who studied with me so we could get our college degrees. She had come directly from Japan. Funny huh? If you painted that water no one would believe you – they’d assume you got creative. I’m really glad you liked them. I felt like I had not done it justice.

  5. 5 Tracey

    Truly amazing! I`m so jealous. I would love to visit one day. It really is stunning and inspirational. Makes me believe that we havn`t totally ruined our planet yet after all.

  6. Hi Tracey, once again it’s a pleasure to be visited by probably the best mom on the planet. It really is a pretty drive. I think there are pockets of what existed in the past. I’m always torn.. should I soil this with my feet? Or just gaze in wonder and bypass it? In this case I just took photos and wandered off. Thank you for visiting! p.s. you’ll giggle to know that this is the area that gets more big foot sightings than anywhere else. It isn’t hard to believe that views like this could get a normal fella imagination to run wild.

  7. There are not enough adjectives to describe what I am viewing, if I could have walked in your steps I think I would have been to emotional to photograph anything(just for a little while)

    This lake is paradise, how could you even leave Lori, I could work this place for a lifetime and never capture all it’s beauty. Your images definitely do it justice, I am sooo jealous of you.

  8. Hi Bernie, thanks for stopping by and offering your perspective which to be honest caused me to be a bit misty eye’d. I think had to do with a lifetime of seeing nothing and then picking up a camera and suddenly seeing everything. Thank you for the comment about doing it justice I really did give it my all. This is just one little picture of America. (You should check out Nebraska’s yellow skies at night, just my luck my camera was in the shop on that trip… had I not seen it with my own eyes I’d never had believed it.) The more photos I take of this country the more deeply I fall in love.

  9. Absolutely stunning photos !!!!
    I love the range of blues that you have captured in the 3rd photo and those clouds are magnificent……
    beautiful country… 🙂

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