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the moon


Ever since I picked up that little camera I got I kept trying to take a photo of the moon… and after many failed attempts – growls… a few star shots (which really shocked me) I finally dug into the camera. I thought about shutter movement, what light meant, I considered deeply the day in […]

Just for fun I wanted to give honor to an old tree I like a lot. So onward and upward … the tree o’ the day. This one just happens to be the most common one to this area. The ponderosa pine tree. Few interesting tid bits o’ information and then onto photos for id’ing […]

Okay for me there were two big questions; one, who will abandon me with the fear of ice and snow and who is going to hang? and two, should I wander through every page of Sibley’s Guide to Birds or just wait for migration and be surprised by what I just find in the woods? Answer […]

I’ve spent the better part of my time walking with my pups and just thinking. There has to be moment in which we recharge and rethink everything. In the last week this has been that time with me. I’ve gotten a couple shots of a pileated woodpecker (which I’ll share in just a bit.) I’ve tracked a […]

Which might be as good or better than a coffee break. (Butterflies rarely induce that jittery feeling.) Yesterday while tracking a bear hubby and I ran into butterflies once again. So I’ll discuss a few bear tracking tips and post the photos we took of one butterfly and a caterpillar then, I’ll tell you what little I […]

The first thing I wanted to tell you is this; Washington is a state of contradictions. I’ve heard this said before and nothing really explains the state more than this. Since the day I decided to actually share this northern route with you this was the primary thing I wanted to tell you.  Let’s see […]