this is what I found….


I’ve spent the better part of my time walking with my pups and just thinking. There has to be moment in which we recharge and rethink everything. In the last week this has been that time with me. I’ve gotten a couple shots of a pileated woodpecker (which I’ll share in just a bit.) I’ve tracked a bear who must have been moved off of the mountain from the cows that some rancher is ranging up there. I worked out a small birthday party for my daughters and did little else. All I did was find things.

Sami found the first thing. She found, asked for and got George for her birthday. A bird so handsome we nicknamed him Gorgeous George.


I found yarrow takes a lovely picture even when the world is dry…


I found I could finally do what my minds eye wanted to do with Payton’s photo. I am her grand auntie. I wanted anyone who took the time to look to see a baby through this woman’s eyes. (I wanted my eye to be represented because I am represented in hers.)


I found the moon in the middle of the day.


And lastly, I found a cloud cluster I never thought possible.


For now I hope it will do. I’m working on another post but it will be a day or two. I hope all is well with all.



17 Responses to “this is what I found….”

  1. Your moon and cloud pictures are incredible.

  2. 2 montucky

    You have found some interesting stuff! The photos are great, each in a different way.

  3. nice photos. Payton’s portrait is very nicely done. the clouds are just amazing!

  4. Tell your dayghters happy birthday!

    I’ve always wanted a big ole bird to set on my shoulder and watch me paint. I used to have a cat named Rembe short for Rembrandt that would sit for hours on my shoulder watching and sometimes go to sleep.

    Love the yarrow pick.

    The eyes you captured of your neice are magical. Very well done. I love how you kept digging untill you got what you wanted!

    Moon shot just made me think of Jimmy Stewart.

    The cloud shots are awe-inspiring. Clouds, my favorite subject. I hate to paint them for no one does them like the creator does them. No matter how much detail you put in or leave out you can never do them justice.

  5. I just love those cloud shot and did you say pileated? Now you can expect me coming back for that photo! Great day you had!

  6. Great shots Lori, love all of them, especially the clouds. I love storm clouds they are so powerful and beautiful at the same time. Great work.

  7. Hi to all sorry about the delay my service went down last night – the downfall of living in the country. 🙂

  8. teaspoon – thank you for visiting! I’ve at times wandered onto your blog and the conversations are so interesting. My visits were so stealthy that I don’t think you even knew. (I guess you can never overrate marrying a survivalist.) Thank you for your kind words.

  9. Thanks Montucky – yeah it’s quite a spread. I’m a big fan of just throwing a group of photos out and allowing anyone to like one or none for that matter. 🙂 This group is far from theme orientated that’s for sure. Thanks again for visiting.

  10. Hi Ankush, thank you. I worked forever on Payton’s photo and I think in the end it was worth it. In the end I was pleased with the results. That bad-dog I will I’ll hang up on my wall. (Two rules with what hangs on my wall) first, the person has to like it and second, it needs to say something more about the person than just a photo. (Nope… I don’t buy those mass produced photos that are taken in school of the kids.) Soon, I’ll shoot up the portraits of my kids that hang on the wall. I just have to scan them first. Also thank you for emailing me with info on your camera I really do appreciate that soooooo much! You are a gem!

  11. Hi Paintingartist –

    You can probably see that Payton’s photo was actually inspired by her and you as well. Much of your work looks similar and I hope I didn’t fall into the shady grounds of intellectual plagiarism. 🙂 I’ll let the girls know of your wishes – thank you. Yarrow is amazing because no matter what it never does anything but look beautiful. Your comments about the clouds were actually amazing. I used to tell the kids that they are painted by artists that have gone to heaven. Even at three years old when they asked about them I’d say, “Don’t they look painted in the sky?” And they would say “yeah…..” and I said, “well God keeps all the artists that go to heaven busy that way.” 🙂 (p.s. I never told them that Santa and the Easter Bunny was real if we were going to make up stories I figured they best be plausible.) 😉

  12. Hi Monarch – my question to you after watching this creature overtake my yard is was woody woodpecker a pileated woodpecker because I really think he was! This is without question the most comical neat guy I’ve ever seen. I’m lucky, he loves choke cherries, carpenter ants and I’m lucky enough to have a huge abundance of both. He’ll be the next guy I post on that’s for sure!

  13. Thanks Bernie, any compliment from you (especially after viewing your work) is a real pleasure. I really appreciate your support and am honored every time you visit.

  14. I loved that bird in the beginning!

  15. Hi Narziss, Sami has great taste! and thank you.

  16. Your photos are gorgeous!

  17. 17 fairycross

    Wonderful.. just wonderful .. you have such a great talent 😀

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