the moon


Ever since I picked up that little camera I got I kept trying to take a photo of the moon… and after many failed attempts – growls… a few star shots (which really shocked me) I finally dug into the camera. I thought about shutter movement, what light meant, I considered deeply the day in seventh grade when we made a camera from a Kleenex box. I had to think of all these things and then one day it clicked. Not just the shutter but the image that came out of it. That day just happens to be today. Here are a few of the shots I got and one night sky photo. (Which could be better however, I’m so excited about my progress even that looks perfect to me.) Thanks for looking. p.s. because I was working on the process I didn’t worry about composition so much so forgive that if you can find it in your heart.

full moon at dusk

Here was how the moon took a photo right around dusk this evening.

night sky

This was how the night sky looked at ten in the evening.

full moon at ten

Here is the full moon at ten in the evening.


16 Responses to “the moon”

  1. That moon was amazing and should be just as wonderful this evening! BRAVO

  2. 2 montucky

    Very nice job on these, Lori! I especially like the first one, it’s so crisp and clear. I still haven’t figured out how to do that one, but you certainly have!

    It’s interesting that we both worked on moon photos at the same time, and the other day you posted some of lichens which were the subject of some of the photos I took that day. There seems to be some kind of synergy between Washington and Montana!

  3. Hi Monarch – I have to agree that moon last night was an eye pleaser. I cannot talk about how much fun it was trying to capture it. 🙂

  4. Hi Montucky, yeah I have to agree – our agreement on projects as of late is interesting, maybe its that good ole west spirit or something. I’m sure someone said that kind of spirit blows with the wind. I’m glad you liked the photos. The reason it took me awhile to figure the first shot out was because it only worked with the flash on. (Now don’t go trying to have me figure that one out because I cannot no matter how hard I try to twist my brain.) Quick like a bunny; 1st shot; iso 160 f 3.7 shutter speed 1/400 & auto flash; it was taken about an hour after sunset. All of that said it’s a easy shot – you can do it in your sleep. The later shot; no flash speed 1/1000 f 2.7 iso 80. I’d ask for the tricks on your moon shot but I can’t seem to find that lacy folige in my back yard. 🙂 I’ll keep looking tho.

  5. I could not help but smile and be joyful at reading of your success in capturing
    a formerly reluctant moon — not only because the pictures are stunning, but also in being able to celebrate qith you your having taken a giant step forward in your photographic skills. Congratulations !! Life is good.

  6. Great shots Lori. Reminds me a little of an old Jimmy Stewart movie!:) Way to stick with it for excellent results.

  7. All are very nice Lori, especially the last one, better than any moon shot I have attempted. Great work.

  8. Very nice photos, Lori! Astrophotography is a whole other world (one about which I know next to nothing!).

  9. Hi Cestoady, I have to say I was so excited and amazed at what came out of my camera. You could have knocked me over with a feather. The logic worked … but sometimes the darned things defy all logic. 🙂 Thanks for your joyous submission!

  10. Hi Paintingartist,

    I think honestly wanting to lasso that darned thing had a lot to do with your inspiration. Why not keep trying .. the image can only get better. I also watched a lot how hard you push yourself and honestly I was really happy with the results. (which is rare because I carry that urge for perfection that you have mentioned on your page.) So now onto the next dream (and the list grows)

  11. Hi Bernie, thanks for the pat on the back (via Internet style) Your comments on your pages of your tech. specs. actually is what led to the final result. Everyday I learn a little bit more about the camera by viewing your images and studying the specs your so generous to share. (Some are so quiet about their style) thank you and thanks again for visiting. p.s. the last image is my fav as well.

  12. Hi Adam, I’m with you what I do know could be put on a matchbook cover. Like they say I probably have just enough information to be dangerous. There are a few things I’d like to capture and share – like the milky way (oct is the best time to capture this.) Which as cities grow more bright less and less people see. And of course if I get real lucky the northern lights, which really kicks it around here in november. I’m hoping to capture both of these in the next couple of months. So most likely I have a bit of study to do – because so far I can get stars but need to capture the more faint ones as well.

  13. 13 myinneredge

    Lori, these are incredible photos…I always enjoy visiting your blog for a breath of fresh air. Right now, I’m in lower Manhattan (Tribecca area) and the great outdoors is a welcome sight, even if only via the internet.

  14. 14 fairycross

    WOW! Great shots of the moon! The moon always fascinates me. We have had some lovely clear nights lately as well. I wish I had a better camera to take some decent photos of the moon. It has become quite cold here in the UK now, but it makes you appreciate the warmth of the sun 🙂

  15. congrats Lori, nice shots. i bet it made it worth all that digging through and musing…:)

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