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One of my favorite bloggers (Montucky) wrote and posted about one of my favorite trees; the Western Larch tree. First things first; here are his link filled with information and filled with great photos focusing on this tree. You can look them over that is if you really like the tree as much as I […]

Quick brief mention to all my photographing pals out there – a NGM photo contest can be found on this page. No shopping (i.e. photoshop) That’s a darn shame I feel like I’m finally getting shopping down. dang. Here is a photo taken about seven miles east of Colville. And a quick photo for […]

I thought I’d throw up a quick bird update…. and as the cliche’ states, “all quiet on the western front” Fundamentally, I’ll occasionally see a robin fly by – and the finches are still stopping by to eat a seed or two but not much is going on. Here is a close up of one […]

dramatic day


this morning was full of drama; first, patch is feeling better – you can kind of see it in his stance here – the tough old boy has moxie. {Moxie is a word my hubby insists does not exist and I have to admit Webster agrees with him however, I must have heard it somewhere….} […]

just a few photos …. let me start with probably my real first attempt at “in studio” photos. Until now, I’ve never posed a shot – one comment recently had said I really like candids. Which is all I ever take even candids of a flower if the definition can be stretched that far. This […]

Marcus is a small tiny okay, smaller than tiny town just about ten miles from us. Last check the little town had a population of about 170 people. Each year on September 6th the tiny town shows off it’s cider maker, and Washington’s favorite fruit and our locals show up to buy. This tiny town […]

Quick like a bunny…. with the cold setting in I usually have my mind on quilting. It’s not that¬†yesterdays blue jay didn’t capture my attention or the extremely large hairy spider on my pillowcase last night – it’s just that over time I’ve become captivated by the history and hard work that is involved in […]