what i put on my wall vs. my blog shots


Quick like a bunny…. with the cold setting in I usually have my mind on quilting. It’s not that yesterdays blue jay didn’t capture my attention or the extremely large hairy spider on my pillowcase last night – it’s just that over time I’ve become captivated by the history and hard work that is involved in quilting. Tomorrow I’ll actually post quick on the issue but there is something so peaceful just working geometric shapes and ideas in the back of my mind while we ready ourselves for winter. So for the moment I thought I’d post what I put up on my wall vs. what goes up on the blog.

My shots here on the blog tend to be as real to life as possible and seems like I’m keeping a record of sorts. Whereas I have no qualms about utilizing photoshop on all the photos on my walls. Here are the recent shots of the kiddos that I just hung up in our hallway.

I have two basic rules when it comes to what I post on my wall; first, the person in the photo must like it. There is nothing more annoying than a photo producing a groan from the subject every time they see it. And second, I try to capture more than the subject. In this case all my kiddos have move into teenage years. I’m not as happy with Sam’s photo but in a way I guess it works for the whole teenage concept – as can you ever get them to smile? (I was really trying to grasp onto the whole, “those crazy kids and that rock and roll music” attitude which is a feeling more than concept. I also used bold and primary colors because they often still pull out a crayon once in awhile – in other words from a mom’s point of view they are still kids even if they don’t believe it.)







Thanks for looking.


9 Responses to “what i put on my wall vs. my blog shots”

  1. 1 montucky

    I like these photos very much, not only because these young folks are very attractive or handsome in their own right, but because each clearly appears to be a distinct individual. In my opinion that’s excellent, and it’s commendable also that they have parents who I’m sure give them every encouragement to be that way.

  2. awww that’s nice – thank you Terry. We do our best to let them be themselves (which is a trick with twins I cannot tell you!) My kids end up being so good to me and their Dad that sometimes I think the Big Guy has a lot more with the raising of these guys then we do. But we are pretty darn honored to sit back and watch.

  3. Nice job Lori, I love candids as they express people’s personality. I love your expression as well. Neat to see your depiction of a loved one and your thoughts as well. Twins! Whew! I went through school with two twin sisters and only recently have they gotten to the point to where you can sort of tell them apart.

  4. Twins…Ouch!! just kidding you have some great looking kids here, very creative portraits as well, mine is only seven the teen years will be here before I know it, got any advice 🙂

  5. Hi Painting artist, I love candids too – actually they are my favorite photos to take. (I find it a challenge to get a shot where the subject just loves it – and until I get that shot I keep trying.) Onto the twin subject, I started photography with an ancient (1957) old German camera with a 50mm lens the day they were born. I became fascinated by capturing the differences instead of the similarities – especially because no one could tell them apart.

  6. Hey Bernie, no advice probably what little I know you know as well. Having twins did hurt a lot! So “ouch” is pretty appropriate – at least until about six months then they got pretty easy.

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