marcus ciderfest


Marcus is a small tiny okay, smaller than tiny town just about ten miles from us. Last check the little town had a population of about 170 people. Each year on September 6th the tiny town shows off it’s cider maker, and Washington’s favorite fruit and our locals show up to buy. This tiny town of 170 turns into a couple thousand – munching on corn dogs, yelling in the bingo parlor and well… yeah drinking cider. Painters, photography and local crafts are available for purchase and your granted a five minute parade which you’ll miss if you blink a bit too slow. I attempted to utilize my very weak ability at still-life and photographed the apples. Dunno if I did great but we did have a nice time. So here are some shots of the cider maker and the apples. There is live music all day and fundamentally it’s a community event so all the locals can get together and chat.

 I avoided taking shots of the locals – who needs the enemies?







20 Responses to “marcus ciderfest”

  1. Now that is a bunch of apples!

  2. 2 montucky

    It’s good to know those small town events haven’t disappeared completely. I remember stories my Dad used to tell about cider making around here, but that has gone away long ago. It’s a shame.

  3. Lori, sounds a lot like an area near me, Ellijay, Georgia where there are a lot of apple orchards. The drought has really hit them hard. Sounds like a fun festival.

  4. beautiful shots. the apples look delicious.

  5. Great shots Lori, you have some really neat patterns in this, great color as well. This is really nice.

  6. Hi Monarch, yeah, pretty tasty ones too!

  7. Hi Montucky, We have quite a few of these little get together – mostly right after the tourist season disappears but only one ciderfest. When the colder months come along, that’s when the real “shin-digs” begin. The cider is really great, hot with cinnamon, when the months get cold.

  8. Thank you Ankush and Bernie, I was lucky really, I hit on a bit of sun. Boy do I miss that natural light!

  9. GREAT APPLES! very inposing inages. congratulations!

  10. Oops should have checked my spelling

  11. 11 fairycross

    Wow! Now that`s what you all a cider press! Those apples look georgeous… Yummy 😀 I bet the cider will be amazing! We have a local cider farm near us. Strong stuff! Lovely though 🙂 I have been buying pear cider. Very sweet but lovely.

  12. hi nouveaufauves, thanks for visiting. My theory on spelling? It’s spelled correctly if everyone can read it. I just appreciate your visit. 🙂

  13. Hi fairycross, pear cider now that’s worth a try! Sounds yummy. The kiddos had the cider all gone in about one day or so. That’s the good news – an apple a day and all. Thank you again for stopping by!

  14. Your apples have inspired me to do a kid art project with apples and other harvest time produce. It will be a make and take for the kid and his parents to enjoy together. I will set up at the next gallery crawl.

  15. nouveaufaves, that’s so great – and probably the biggest compliments I’ve ever gotten online. thank you. I’m looking over your site this evening for some reason I had a hard time getting to it before. I’ll dig in deep. 🙂 I hope your kids enjoy your project! (heck I would I adore the fall!)

  16. 16 Gorge

    You made a few mistakes…Ciderfest is always the first weekend is the 1st weekend in Oct. And you didn’t mention how overpriced those pretty apple’s cider is!

  17. 17 Glenn

    I live in Marcus. This is our annual festival and fund raiser for the fire department. I take pictures of everybody and everything at Ciderfest. The town has one industry, the local cider press maker. He makes and sells the American Harvester cider press. Bill and Dennis, who was a millwright at a local sawmill, built our cider press.

  18. 18 Thanks for your site

    I am one of yourCanadian neighbours to the north. I want to buy an apple press for our community. I run the local Bear Aware program and with it, we do a fall program of harvest rescue. We encourage folks who need help with picking or those who simply don’t want theit fruit, to call us. We work hard to match up volunteer pickers to overloaded tree owners. We want that fruit picked so it doesn’t fall and attract black bears into town.

    We picked over 8000 pounds of fruit last year. Apples are the bighgest challenge because there are so many deserted trees. Locally, there is a guy with a huge apple press in his garage. He charges $10 a press which is about 6 boxes of apples and yeilds about 6 gallon jugs of fresh cider. Other than that, there are little kitchen juicers which are far too messy and slow to really do any quantity of juice. What we would like to see is a portable fruit press that we could fit in the van to take to folks homes to press apples on site. Can you help us ou? Who makes the presses in Marcus? Name? Phone or email contact? Any chance we could come down one wekend to see/buy??
    We really appreciate any help we can get to have a press in place for the 2010 fruit season

  19. 19 Julie Chamberlain

    Hey thank-you for the wonderful pics about Marcus Ciderfest. We take great pride in our little fest and in 2010 we surpassed all expectations. The wonderful picture you have of the machine was built here by the “locals” and this last year made 26 tons of apples turn into the best apple cider around. We are hosting another fest in 2011 and will be having a site for the applications for anyone interested in being a vendor. We support our little town for the Volunteer Fire Dept and our park, and have over 50 volunteers that help on a full and part time basis.

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