quilting and “in studio”


just a few photos ….

let me start with probably my real first attempt at “in studio” photos. Until now, I’ve never posed a shot – one comment recently had said I really like candids. Which is all I ever take even candids of a flower if the definition can be stretched that far. This is my first attempt at posing shots. My hubby got me some flowers so I thought I’d see how they looked posed. Here’s what I came up with.



This one below is the only color shot I took and honestly the black and whites are my favorites. However I thought I’d toss it up anyway for those in love with colors.


Okay I refuse to bore you to death with discussions of quilting so I’ll just say quick like a bunny – this is a very old pattern (which are my favorites) I tend to like the ones that were created in the 1800’s. This one is from the pattern “green mountain star,” which simply was a variant of the “mountain star” however I cannot find a lot of history on it – so if anyone knows I’d love the info.


Anyway that’s just to let you know what my current project is that I’m working on. To be honest I decided to add a bit of that patriotic fabric to it (tho commonly done and thus I’ve avoided it in the past) however, I feel like I’m drawn to it because it’s traditionally a war time activity and we’re still in war. As long as there are still good men overseas fighting for their lives. It creeps me out that we never hear of these good men anymore.

Anyway thanks for taking a peek.

{Off topic and as a side note my pup Patch got shot by a neighbor and miraculously survived however, he’s going to need quite a bit of time and attention to heal up okay. I doubt if he’ll ever be as good as new and the unthinkable idea of having to put him down really isn’t off the table as of yet. He’s been to the vet and there really isn’t anything more that they can do except give him pain medication and antibiotics. His chest cavity in x-ray looks like a spaghetti strainer. Poor guy had a really hard day. So I’ll keep posting but there may be times of deep silence while I work with him, go to civil court and etc…}

p.s. I really hope you all are having a better week than I’ve had. :o)


18 Responses to “quilting and “in studio””

  1. 1 montucky

    I like the posed shots. I have not tried that either and I imagine it will be a whole new area for you to work on.

    The quilt is really beautiful and I would be interested in the history behind the pattern too. I always admire them at the county fair, and we have an old friend who sews them a lot.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Patch. Something like that is just not right! Pups are pretty tough, and I wish the very best for him!

  2. Hi Terry, thanks for the kind words. I usually study the history behind quilts but have been having a hard time finding info on this pattern. (I look just about everywhere but there isn’t always information on what ladies did while their hubby’s were off working the fields.) Thanks for the nice thoughts for Patch.

  3. I think you did a great job with the in-studio shots! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks Monarch – I appreciate the kudos and support. 🙂

  5. wow!!! i love the studio shots, especially #3 – what was your studio set up? did you use a mirror under the flowers?
    did you come up with that idea yourself? either way amazing results!

  6. Hi Ankush! Thanks for visiting! No zee answer isn’t mirrors; It took a lot of thinking about how come I could not take a decent photo in a mirror, okay I was just playing around and being goofy. Instead I used Plexiglas but based on my theory I think thin glass would work too? – for these ones I used a black piece of fabric under it but I think that can be played with in terms of complimentary colors and such. If you do decide to play around with it I can’t wait to see your results! Thanks for the compliment coming from you that’s huge. Give me enough time and boredom and I’ll build a real studio one day! 🙂

  7. I love these, very creative Lori, you are singing my tune now. I like the b&w’s as well, I have been shooting leaves like this the last couple of days, it’s fun to take your work inside sometimes.isn’t it 🙂

  8. Bernie, I love your leaf work honestly (anyone can check it out by viewing his page on my sidebar) I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. You can adjust lighting – etc… your right it’s a darn good time!

  9. 9 fairycross

    Beautiful shots of the flowers in black and white. I simply love black and white photographs. I think it originally stems back from when I was a child and used to help my brother develope his black and white photos for his O level in school. There was something wonderful about waiting to see the image emerge through the chemicals!

    My partner`s mum would know about the patch work you talked of I expect. She is wonderful at patch work and is a member of a couple of clubs. She travelled over to the states as well and visted some other clubs and exchanged tips.

    So sorry to hear of your darling little pup Patch. I really hope that he recovers. What a horrible ordeal. 😦

  10. These flowers are just so darned clear. I want to be able to do that. Congratulations on your skill. I see you like to do some photography along with your art. I find that saving images that “get me off” is motivationally useful to me. Occasionally reviewing them brings back all the joy of the first time I viewed them. Sharing them is also great, especially since others are sharing. It just multiplies the visual excitement. You have linked two of my favorite bloggers….Ankush and Montucky.

  11. Awesome shots Lori. Very well done. I love how you arranged the flowers and how you captured them.

    I love quilts as well and yours is looking great. Love the patriotism!

  12. Beautiful! My favorite of the 3 flower shots is the color one.

  13. Hi Fairycross, Patch is healing up he just has taken a lot of love, attention and babying all in equal amounts. (and thank you for you kind thoughts) I agree with you on the b&w photos. I personally think black and white photos are classy – especially flowers. I talk with a couple of ladies on quilting but overall do research and work on patterns way back in time. I think it’s amazing really – women who were never taught math, geometry or any of these skills developed patterns and methods of piecing them in ways that I think would perplex today’s bridge builders. Thank you for visiting it’s always a pleasure when you stop by!

  14. Hi Nouveaufauves, If you like those guys you’ll probably adore this guys site (especially in light of your nature artwork) if you haven’t visited painting artist I recommend it. He’s very helpful especially for those who are constantly learning their craft.


    And this page will direct you to his work.

    And nope I don’t get commission for mentioning him. 🙂 I just thought you’d really like reading his blog. Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂

  15. Hi Painting artist, thanks for the kind words. (Which you always seem to muster up even on a bad day.) I really am creeped out by the lack of attention the soliders are getting… and considered making this an art peice but I’m still debating on that. If it works out that way I’ll post the end product. Right now I’m still learning. (Okay, okay what else is new?)

  16. Truddle, I wandered into your page (which I always like to do before I answer a comment) and I have to say right back to you, “ditto” Your photos are really lovely as well! I’ll be visiting your site more often. Nice work.

  17. 17 Mom

    Lori you just keep getting better..The quilt is awesome..

  18. 18 lorelei

    lori those pictures are awesome the new bird pictures loves ya mom kiss the kiddos for me

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