dramatic day


this morning was full of drama;

first, patch is feeling better – you can kind of see it in his stance here – the tough old boy has moxie. {Moxie is a word my hubby insists does not exist and I have to admit Webster agrees with him however, I must have heard it somewhere….}


second, just shots of the scenes I was viewing this morning right after the rain.


fall drama

And lastly, the spider we saw on the wall, not this morning, but a couple days ago. My guess? a western black widow spider (female) because I’m not big on handling venomous spiders I didn’t look for the hour glass on the underbelly. In light of Halloween coming up I’d say her entrance into my world falls under the dramatic category.


She’s beautiful however she was on the wall directly overhead. Dang, I really hate that.


20 Responses to “dramatic day”

  1. 1 montucky

    I’m so glad to hear Patch is doing better! That’s great news! (Incidentally, you are right, although it’s spelled “moxie”.)

    That’s one of only two spiders I don’t like.

    Your forest scenes are absolutely exquisite! You’ve outdone yourself there! Wow! The second one could be studied and then painted in oil by an artist.

  2. good to hear patch is doing well πŸ™‚
    those are just amazing shots with the mist and trees!
    very nicely done! they are truly superb.
    i like the spider as well

  3. Hi Montucky, patch is doing well – It was touch and go there and we wondered if we’d have to put him down. Thankfully his only lifetime wound (other than the scarring of course) will be blindness in one eye but he’s happy so were happy. I hate to say it but the widow was smashed right after the photo was taken. Had she been somewhere in the forest I would have probably just ignored her but alas… too close to my bedroom window thank you!

    Thank you for your comment on the photos as you probably know that thermal fluxuations are really neat to watch. I always find them so captivating when everything is right they do this.

  4. Hi Ankush, beleive it or not when I took the shots and edited them I was thinking of you. What specifically I thought was; “wow, he could do so much more with this scene than I can I really wish he was here right now.” Thank you for the compliment. (p.s. you would have done so much better by the way. πŸ™‚

  5. p.s. thanks for the spelling Montucky! (it’s been edited accordingly.)

  6. Lori, glad to hear your dog is doing better. The shots you got after the rain are awesome. I love the atmosphere.

  7. 7 montucky

    Lori, “moxie” is in Webster’s, by the way. I’m still captivated by those photos!

  8. Great to see the dog and those vista shots are amazing! WOW

  9. These are beautiful Lori, the landscape one with the steam rising thru the image is a killer, as is the black widow, was that bad joke or what πŸ™‚

    All kidding aside these are really nice images, don’t sell yourself short you do very nice work.

  10. Your pictures are so beautiful. Wow. I love the morning after rain shots.

  11. phenomenally beautiful shots!

  12. Thanks Paintingartist, I appreciate you support! I’m expecting you to be very busy in the up coming months (tho your art has always kept you bustling.) So I really appreciate you stopping by – I get what it meant. Thank you.

  13. Montucky, sounds like I need to be betting a buck with the hubby on this subject. Thanks for setting me straight. πŸ™‚ and potentially winning me a buck. (Don’t give me up tho.. I need a bit more fabric for my quilts.) I was thrilled you like the photos.. fundamentally, if you approve I’m doing okay. What with the hours of hiking you’ve tallied in the woods.. no one knows them better.

  14. Hi Bernie, thanks for your comments. (Even the one that implies I’m a knucklehead) :o) Just teasing. Actually, I’m not so sure when a person sits back and says, “hey, I’m good enough to take this on the road” or when a person just does what they do because of passion and if other’s like it than you’ve hit on the icing on the cake. I think, like you, I’m more passion driven then profit driven and hopefully that translates into anything I do. (I have to admit tho; there isn’t a day I don’t realize that I’m lucky to be a kept woman!) :o)

  15. Thank you Jolynna, thank you primarily for your visit. I hope all good things come your way – I can’t think of a person (and group of people) who deserve it more.

  16. oops… carp! (A fisherwoman’s version of a swear word) Did I miss you Monarch? I’m glad you liked the shots. I have to add here quick like a bunny if anyone else is reading these comments stop wasting your time, visit Monarch’s webpage and check out his little owls. Amazing! Both the bird and especially the photos. (the link is to right in the blogroll)

  17. Thanks Narziss, for visiting and commenting. I hope your studies are going really well!

  18. “Moxie, n. [from Moxie, the proprietary name for a soft drink] Courage, force of character; energy; ingenuity, wit.”
    – The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary


    Your third photo is absolutely stunning – wow!

  19. Thank you Adam – initially I misspelled it (moxy) and Montucky corrected me. Thus… had I looked up the real spelling I probably would have fell onto that. Thank you… (I get that cookie jar money for sure now!) woohoo! p.s. I once read a study that misspelling is a biological trait so suddenly years of my most difficult issue was explained in a medical journal. Again I repeat; woohoo! In yer face Ms. Chandler! (Third grade teacher)

    That photo my favorite as well. It really was a stunning view and thus I couldn’t resist taking out the camera! Thanks for visiting oh yeah and for the cookie jar $$ too!

  20. 20 fairycross

    Glad to hear Patch is on the mend. I bet that`s such a relief to you.

    Wonderfully atmospheric photographs with the mist through the trees. πŸ˜€

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