slow days at the birdfeeder


I thought I’d throw up a quick bird update…. and as the cliche’ states, “all quiet on the western front” Fundamentally, I’ll occasionally see a robin fly by – and the finches are still stopping by to eat a seed or two but not much is going on.


Here is a close up of one of the house finch still hanging out and as the saying goes being cool.


One day earlier this month I watched a red tailed hawk sit on top of one of the pine trees all day long in the rain waiting for food to wander by…. sadly, for all those six hours of unfailing patience I don’t think he (or she) had any luck.


There is this really nutty Steller Jay, an amazingly beautiful bird with a crazy loud call. He stops by to steal dog food once in awhile but so far he’s managed to elude me. I wander out and he immediately flies up to the top of the trees so all photos are him hiding in the pine needles. (Darn magician!)

So I was a bit surprised when a new animal came along to feed.


Hey, it’s cool, at least my efforts of keeping it full (and spilling quite a bit) isn’t going to waste after all!


12 Responses to “slow days at the birdfeeder”

  1. You better find more seed if you are going to feed that fella, great shots Lori!

  2. 2 montucky

    Our bird activity has also slowed down. Nearly all of the summer gang have already gone south for the winter. Your comment about the Steller Jay is quite a coincidence. We have had one here for the past three days, and it is the very first one to ever visit here!

  3. Oh I love that shot of the hawk. I am glad to be able to see him through your photography.

  4. The hawk photo is a wonder-piece. Wonderful and full of wonder at that bird’s patience. Too bad he wasn’t as successful as you were.

  5. Hi Bernie, I know! The guy eats like a horse! (okay there was a idiot pun I just couldn’t resist…) Thanks for the comments. I did discover one thing – taking shots in the rain aren’t my favorite but with the weather I guess I best be getting used to it. Once again you honor me by your visit.

  6. Montucky, that’s intresting because I could swear I’ve never seen one myself – I wonder what that’s about? My son laughed he said he’s the prettiest bird he’s ever seen but (and I quote) “that boy has a mouth on him!” I went to a wildlife refuge today and not a bird did I see (except a few water fowl) oh well it gives me something to look forward too in the spring. (Still hoping to get a shot of the jay tho.. If I don’t I sure hope you do.)

  7. Thanks nouveaufauves, this guy has been amazingly faithful at hanging out in my backyard but I had never had the honor of really seeing him hunt until this really rainy day. I was very lucky. One morning I awoke to his cry while he picked up a mouse at the creek. An amazing predator to say the least… (I’m guessing it the same bird because unless it’s a juvenile I think they cut out their own territory.)

  8. Hi Barbara, welcome. I really sat there a long time too wishing he would get a bite as well – not only so I could see it but also because after three hours he started looking hungry to me. Thank you for visiting.

  9. Thanks for the wonderful update and I just love the Red-tailed Hawk picture!

  10. It’s funny Monarch – I kept hoping to catch a mountian chickadee for this page (they are around) so this morning guess what? 🙂 ahh… well hopefully I’ll be able to get one of those guys when it snows. Thanks for visiting.

  11. Nice shots Lori. If you get a hot of that Jay I definitely want to see. All Jays are amazing birds with a boat load of attitude.

  12. Hi painting artist, yeah, he reminded me of the king fisher – similar size, brilliant colors and a thief to boot. (Now if that ain’t attitude I’m not sure what is….) 🙂 why,… in these parts that kind of attitude can get ya shot.

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